Mivsie’s Ear: Part II



Mivsie:¬† Why does my head hurt? Mivsie:¬† ¬ŅPorqu√© duele mi cabeza?

Oof / Uf

Oof / Uf

Mivsie awakens in the hospital.

Mivsie se despierta en el hospital.

Sock Monkey, Sock monkey in the hospital!



Dr. SquiggleEyes: Oh, glad to see you awake, Miss Mivsie!

Dr. SquiggleEyes: Oh, ¬°que bueno verte despierta, Se√Īorita Mivsie!


You have lots of visitors!

¬°Tienes muchos visitantes!




Mivsie: Can I see them?

Mivsie: ¬ŅPuedo verlos?


First were Molly and Digger Blinker-Mole.

Primero, entraron Molly y Digger Blinker-Mole.




Molly:  I have a card for you!

Molly: ¬°Tengo una carta para ti!




Grown-up chat.

Grown-up chat.

Then, the grown-ups talked….

Despu√©s, los adultos hablaron….



while Mollly ate¬†Mivsie’s food.

mientras que Molly comió la comida de Mivsie.





Moles: Bye!

Topos: ¡Adiós!

Maisy-Amaia made a card!

Maisy-Amaia made a card!

Maisy-Amaia also visited!

¡Maisy-Amaia también visito!

(Note: Pay no attention to that Sylvanian lying there.  He means nothing!)

(Nota: ¬°No ponen atenci√≥n al Sylvanian all√≠. ¬†¬°√Čl no significa nada!)

Yeah,  Sock Monkey picked up a green lightsaber from some guy!

Yeah, Sock Monkey picked up a green lightsaber from some guy!

Misty is here!

Misty is here!

Later, Misty came to check in.

Luego, Misty vino a ver si todo fue bien.

Mr. Leaf returns!!!!

Mr. Leaf returns!!!!

And Mr. Leaf.

Y el se√Īor Leaf(Hoja).

Mr. Leaf: ¬†My son’s coming home from Finland soon!

El se√Īor Leaf: ¬†¬°Mi hijo viene a casa de Finlandia pronto!



Mivsie: How cool!

Mivsie: ¬°Que padre!

Yeah, sure...

Yeah, sure…

And Mr. Droffmeir, one of her professors.

Y el se√Īor Droffmeir, uno de sus profesores.

Professor¬†Droffmeir: Just because your sick, Mivsie, doesn’t mean you don’t have to do your homework!

Profe. Droffmeir:  ¡Solo porque estas enferma, Mivsie, no significa que no tienes tarea!

Good riddance!

Good riddance!

Mivsie: Bye!

Mivsie: ¡Adiós!



Dr. SquiggleEyes: Okay, Mivsie, time to take your medicine!

Dr. SquiggleEyes: Bueno, Mivsie, necesitas t√ļ medicina!


Say ‘ah!’

Diga ‘ah!’





And drink something.

Y bebe algo.



Welp, gotta go!

Bueno, ¬°me voy!

To be continued…

Continuado pronto…

For some people it IS Friday, even if not for me, so I’m posting this…

Para algunas personas S√ć es viernes, aunque no para m√≠, entonces voy a publicar esto…

And it’s my 10th post!

Y es m√≠ decimo “puesto”….¬Ņalguien¬†sabe como se dice “post” en el espa√Īol?


8 comentarios en “Mivsie’s Ear: Part II

  1. GB dijo:

    I hope you wll do your 11th post on real Friday, which starts here in Caliofrnia in a couple of hours. I am anxious to find out what is wrong with Mivsie. I hope she gets better soon.

    Edited by Changuita: Fixed your typo you hated so much!

    Me gusta

  2. mouseandflower dijo:

    Why yes, I did! I even commented on her Banana Cream Pie Tutorial. So great! I’ll have to add some tutorials soon, and I dare you to try them all!!! Oh, and I’m editing a comment right now, by using a little button under my comment. I think you might have just overlooked it. :). Oh no, I think it’s just an admin thing as I can edit your comments, too. I’ll fix your comments!

    Me gusta

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