Maui Comes Home


Alyeska skated home on her skateboard.

Alyeska patinó a casa en su monopatín.

That weird homeless guy's still here.

That weird homeless guy’s still here.


Mr. Leaf: Oh, Alyeska!  Did you know that Maui is coming home from Finland today?

Alyeska:  He is?????

Mr. Leaf (Hoja):¿Sabías que hoy viene Maui a casa?

Alyeska:  ¿¿¿¿¿¿De verdad???????


I've got my present for him!

I’ve got my present for him!


The house is pretty messy, Dad.

La casa es muy desordenada, Papá.





Wait, he’s coming!

¡Espera, ya viene!


Maui is right outside.

Maui esta afuera.


Maui:  Hi!!!!!!

Maui: ¡Hola!


I got you a present, Alyeska.  Let’s go upstairs!

Tengo un regalo para ti, Alyeska.  ¡Vamos arriba!

Mr. Leaf:  Sorry, gotta go work on Helios.

Mr. Leaf: Perdón, necesito trabajar en Helios.

Maui:  Ooh, you got me Treasure Island!

Maui:  Oh, ¡me encontrastes Treasure Island!

Upstairs appears to be just as messy as downstairs!

Upstairs appears to be just as messy as downstairs!

I got you a Little My belt thing!

¡Consiguí una cintura Little My!

I love it!!!

I love it!!!



Well, the end!  So now I’m going to post a preview:

¡Bueno, fín! Ahora te voy a enseñar una prevista:



At the Emerald Café.

At the Emerald Café.

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4 comentarios en “Maui Comes Home

    • mouseandflower dijo:

      Thank you! I’ve read all the Moomin books, and the comics, too. I thought he should bring Alyeska a present, so why not something Moomin themed? I have a Little My hairset from (I think) Japan, (oh well, the character is still Finnish) so Alyeska’s belt is really a hairtie! 🙂

      Me gusta

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