Love at the Emerald Caƒé/Amor en el Caƒé Esmeralda



This is the Emerald Café.

Este es el Café Esmeralda.


All the students like it because it have free WiFi.

Todos los estudiantes encantan el ‘WiFi’ gratis.

Here's your order!

Here’s your order!

There’s also a section for smaller critters.

También hay una sección para animalitos.

Heh heh heh!

Heh heh heh!

Lots of people bring laptops.

Muchas personas traen computadoras.

Comment if you read this caption!!!

Comment if you read this caption!!!

Today, Mivsie is here with her friend Olindia.

Hoy, Mivsie está aquí con su amiga, Olindia.

Rita must be squished. :(

Rita must be squished. 😦

Little Rita is waiting for her turn to get her order.

La pequeña Rita está esperanda su turno para consiguir su ordén.

Tiny Rita!

Tiny Rita!

What are you looking at, Olindia?

¿Qué estás mirando, Olindia?

Here's your order...

Digger, do you think these croissants are good?

Then she went to eat it.

Luego fué a comerselo.



Olindia:  She’s so pretty.

Olindia: Es tan bella.



Mivsie:  Why don’t you go talk to her?

Mivsie: ¿Porqué no vas a charlar con ella?

Um, hi Rita!

Um, hi Rita!

Rita:  Oh, um, hi Olindia…

Rita: Oh, er, hola Olindia…



Mivsie:  Heh heh

Mivsie: Je je


What do you think?

¿Qué piensas?

3 comentarios en “Love at the Emerald Caƒé/Amor en el Caƒé Esmeralda

  1. mouseandflower dijo:

    I’m not sure… soon. I have something already planned for November first, but there will probably be a Day of the Dead and Halloween story soon, also, so it might take a while. It might not even be a real ‘second installment’ of this story, it might just be a post at the Emerald Café in which Rita and Olindia are present. 😉 Well, I do have photos for something they did together, and I posted them on the Syvanian Forum… so there will probably be that story, too. And then there may be a proposal………
    How are you doing? 🙂

    Me gusta

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