Ristleton’s Suitcase Contents

Ristleton is all packed:

1. Picture of Mivsie

2. Stuffed Toy

3. Spanish/English Phrase Dictionary

4. Toiletries

5. Money

6. Travel Guides

7. Diary

8. Camera

9. Cap

10. Clothes

11. Cup

12. Bathrobe

13. Magazines

Some of his stuff...

Some of his stuff…

And now, since I’ve decided to always have a special feature for Ristleton and SquiggleEye’s travels, the special feature:  an excerpt from Ristleton’s English to Spanish phrase dictionary!

Common Phrases to be used in a Restaurant

1. Ordering

You should probably order something someone else orders, or try your best at deciphering the menu.

To order, say, “Quiero el/la…(kee er o ehl/lah) and tell them what dish you want.  Quiero or Yo (yoh) quiero means I want, so saying that would be like saying “I want the…”

2. Etiquette

Por favor (pore fah vore)- Please

Perdóname (pear doh nah mey)- Excuse me/ Forgive me

Estás Perdonado (es tahs pear doh nah doh)- You are excused/forgiven

Gracias (grassy ass- no pun intended 🙂 )- Thank You

3. Restroom

Necesito el baño (ness eh see toh ehl ban yoh)/ Quiero el baño (kee er oh ehl ban yo)- I need/want the bathroom

¿Puedo ir al baño? (poo ehd oh eer al ban yo)- May I use the bathroom?

¿Dónde está el baño? (don deh es tah ehl ban yo)- Where is the bathroom?

So, you may ask, Changuita, why would Ristleton need an English-Spanish guide?  And I answer, Because that’s the dominant language of the islands they might visit on their cruise.

Also, I don’t know French. 😉  Or any other languages other than Spanish, English, and Gibberish. 😛

How I am currently wasting my life:

I have like five drawings depicting me like this. :D

I have like ten drawings depicting me like this. 😀



4 comentarios en “Ristleton’s Suitcase Contents

  1. GB dijo:

    Have you thought of doing a post of just self-portraits? I really enjoyed the ones so far and appreciate your thoughts on the value of spending time on the computer. Maybe we all should keep a diary for one week, writing down the number of hours per day we are wasting. Of course reading and writing mouse and flower is NOT in that category, but a useful and productive way to spend time.

    Me gusta

    • mouseandflower dijo:

      Heh heh, yeah I’m definitively gonna do posts of just my How I’m Wasting My Life cartoons, go to the page ‘Books and Comics’ and click on ‘Wasting my Life’ to see some of them, I have LOADS more.
      It will probably be a weekly or biweekly thing, and I want to post some of my other comics and books, too!!! 😉

      Me gusta

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