The Vision Stones Preview 2: Kappa Brawl

Um yeah… Elidia saves the day AGAIN!!!

So here it is:

“Why did we choose a kappa infested pond?  I mean-”

“Shh!”  Elidia stepped forward, and pulled Ristle with her into the clearing.  The kappas didn’t notice them.  There were about ten of them, all with monkey faces or else bird’s beaks, and all green but one turquoise one sitting on a rock towards one end of the pond, where glassy waterfalls cascaded into the greenish water.  All of the kappas had short, bristly hair around the soft spot in their head, a place that had to be kept wet, or else they would be sapped of all supernatural power.  Some had metal basins on their heads to protect them.

“Hey, Kappas!!!”  Elidia shouted suddenly.

“Humans!” screeched the turquoise kappa. “What do you want?”

“I know what you want!!!”  Elidia shouted.  “You want….these!!!”  She pulled a bundle of tea cucumbers out of her backpack, and waved them above her head. “Yum, yum!”

A few of the kappa’s eyes brightened.  They muttered to each other, and a small, spring green kappa dove under the water.

Elidia tightened next to Ristle, and he realized that all the kappas should be above the surface for her plan to work,  “Um… Sure you want to do that?  I’ve got yummies for you!!!”  Slowly regaining her confidence, Elidia pulled another bundle of cucumbers from her backpack.  Two webbed, green hands emerged form the water at Elidia’s feet, who gasped.

“Hey, guys!!!,” she shouted. “Get the cucumbers!!!”  She threw them into the water, and all the kappas but the turquoise on and the light green one dove after them.  Then the hands closed around Elidia’s feet.  She didn’t kick or scream.  Instead, she started stomping hard with one foot.

At first, Ristle thought she was trying to stamp on the kappa’s fingers, then she kicked out hard, and her boot flopped onto the sand.  A silvery blade glistened in the sun, and Elidia try to subtle bend down and get it.  It was obviously difficult, so Ristle grabbed it for her and handed it to her.  The turquoise kappa slunk into the water.

Elidia spun quickly, nearly dislodging the kappa’s firm grip, then punched its head to side, so all the water in its soft spot spilled into the lake.  She raised the knife.

“Get away, or else I’ll have to use this!” she screamed, brandishing the kife wildly.

Ristle ran into the bushes as the turquoise kappa emerged from the pond.

“Do you want to get hurt?” Elidia asked playfully. “I’m sure your master wouldn’t like it if I hurt you.”  She smiled. “Or if you hurt me.”

“No!  Kadelvesi, forgive me!”  She grabbed Elidia’s waist and hurled her over her shoulder, into the pond.  The other kappas swarmed around her.

“YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!!!”  Elidia plunged the knife into a kappa’s head.  Blue blood spurted everywhere, making contact with the water and blossoming in huge shapes.

A booming voice spoke over everything, guttural and female, “You, kappas!!!  You should not have let a brawl like this begin.  Always, always NEVER start a fight with a visitor, flesh or spirit.  You, human, violated the law of MY domain, but you are young, and I forgive you.  All of you, get out of their, all that are left standing.”  Kadelvesi didn’t sound mad at Elidia.  She must be a strange dragon, living in a domain protected by gods, sitting up on a mountain in some cave, giving advice to her slaves.

Elidia and the kappas swam to the shore, and Ristle crouched lower in the bushes.  They all stood, and Ristle realized that the kappas stood inches shorter than he and Elidia.

“Well then, I’ll remember all of you.  You may go.”  Elidia walked swiftly into the bushes when Kadelvesi  finished her sentence.

“Wow,” Ristle said, “That was smooth.  Why were we get water here, anyway, if you knew there was kappas?”

“There are kappas in all bodies of water here.”


“Yeah, I choose one that wasn’t too deep. Most of the nearest bodies of water here are wells.”





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