The Vision Stones Part Five

I’m just gonna say- Tiger Actually, I’m not going to tell you anything.  Just read it.

“Wow.  You look good.”  Tiger nearly forgot to sneer.  Then he laughed, then looked frustrated. “These stupid people!!!  I mean, they barely told me anything!  I want to save my parents!”

    “It’s okay, Tiger.”  Ristle patted his back, trying to feel Tiger’s emotions, and not just proud of himself.

    If Tiger was blushing before, he looked like stoplight now.  He opened his mouth, closed it, opened it, and said in a rush, “Let’s go downstairs.”

    They walked downstairs.  At the bottom, Rokudo was on the same table, and the girl with the sweatshirt, Elidia, and a tiny hedgehog wearing a pearl necklace were seated around it.  

    Rokudo spoke first. “This is Emerald,” he said, pointing at the hedgehog. “she’s also a quester.”

    “Is Mark awake yet?” asked the hedgehog.

    “I don’t think so,” answered the hoodie girl, picking at a zit underneath her down-turned nose. “When I went past your guy’s door, I heard him snoring.”  She sniggered.

“Oh, alright.  I’ll go check in on him in a second.”  The little hedgehog smiled.

    “Okay, then,” Elidia said slowly. “Rokudo, will you get started?”

    Rokudo nodded, “Yes, alright then.  So, today our new questing party will set out to track down the four vision stones assigned to us.  Our two newcomers are-” he pointed them out, “-Ristle and Tiger!  So, let’s introduce ourselves formally.”

    Hoodie girl waved a hand nonchalantly. “I’m Helia, I’m like- twelve or thirteen, I think?  I dunno.  I like- hoodies and friends, and quests.  I wanna reunite the vision stones to, like, protect people.”

Elidia smiled, “I’m Elidia.  I-” she rubbed the side head, “-I have a vision stone sewn into my brain.  The stone was kept by my caretaker, Meltidasann.  She collected visions while I was little, and sewed the stone into my brain at age four.  I have access to all its visions, including ones from when it was first made.  I am here to help all the people connected to the stones.”  She almost whispered the last part.

    “I’m Emerald,” said Emerald. “I’m a hedgehog and wife of Mark.  I like helping people, too, and I think that I’m here because I want to help people out, and, like, I like people.”  She smiled an adorable smile.

    Tiger ran a hand through his hair.  “I’m Tiger.”

    Ristle didn’t say much either. “Ristle.”

    “Right, then,” Rokudo smiled, if that’s possible for a rooster. “Now that we all know each other, let’s get started.  Everyone will need to pack up their things, each person is allowed to carry fifteen pounds on them, and store twenty in our cart-”

    At that moment, a rather ruffled male hedgehog stumbled down the stairs, wearing a blue striped tie. It must have been Mark.  It was.

    “Hi,” said Mark nervously. “I’m Mark.”

    “Mark, we were just about to start packing,” Rokudo smiled. “Let me fill you in.”

    The others left up the stairs while Rokudo spoke briefly with Mark and Emerald, who had stayed behind.

    “Well,” Tiger said with a sneer. “I hope this quest works out okay.  Heh.”

“I dunno…” Ristle looked up the stairs, towards the hall. “I guess I hope so, too, but it sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah.”  Tiger thought for a moment. “But I’ve faced more dangerous things.  Like WAY more dangerous.”

“I don’t think you have.”  Ristle looked him in his coffee specked with turquoise, slightly large eyes. “I think this is pretty much the most dangerous thing a boy our age could do.”

They had reached Ristle’s door.  Tiger looked ready to sneer again, but instead, he lowered his head and kissed Ristle’s cheek.  Ristle felt his face burn red hot.  Then Tiger turned away and ran to his own door, not once looking over his shoulder at Ristle.

Ristle went into his room, took off his shoes, and sat down on the bed.  He knew he would miss this magical room.  He felt the place where Tiger had brushed his lips.  It was obvious that Tiger had a thing for him.  But did Ristle love him back?  He was handsome and funny, but his sneering indifference made Ristle try to think like Elidia.  He tried to imagine things from Tiger’s point of view.  He tried to fall for Tiger in return.  He even tried rubbing the side of his head.  But there was no vision stone there to assist him.

I made it bold so you could tell the difference between me talking and the book talking.  Hope it helped!

Anyway, I feel like Tiger is acting way to fast… and trying desperately to impress Ristle.  Is it working?

“He even tried rubbing the side of his head.  But there was no vision stone there to assist him.”

Good job figuring that out, Ristle!


6 comentarios en “The Vision Stones Part Five

  1. GB dijo:

    Great Job Changuita! The story really got rolling in Part Four and it was so nice to have Part Five posted today so I didn’t have to wait. I am trying to figure out both how and why Elidia’s caretaker Meltidasann sewed the vision stone into her brain when she was four. That sounds like it could cause a lot of problems. When do you think Part Six will be posted? Hopefully you won’t have algebra homework on the weekend.

    Me gusta

  2. GB dijo:

    I’ve been picturing Ristle as a young boy and the hedgehogs, Emerald and Mark, as real. I figured The Vision Stones is completely separate from the Sylvanian and sock monkey sagas, a little more dark and mystical…. but then again, I don’t know yet what awkward adventures you’re going to put Dr. SquiggleEyes and Ristleton through in the Caribbean. 😉

    Me gusta

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