New People!!!

Making fooood!!!

Making fooood!!!

Ñata and Laurie, who’s usually called Sheepie, were making some food…

Ñata y Laurie, a quien todos llaman Sheepie (Ovejacita), estaban cocinando…

Knock, knock, knock...

Knock, knock, knock…

when somebody knocked…

cuando alguien tocó la puerta…



It was the moles!  Heidi and Digger had been shopping for some new fabric when they saw the lights on in the little abandon house just outside of Bear Hollow.

¡Fue los topos!  Heidi y Digger habían estado comprando nueva tela para Heidi cuando vieron que hubo luces en la pequeña casa abandonada justo en las afueras de Bear Hollow.

Sitting awkwardly on the bed.

Sitting awkwardly on the bed.

Ñata invited them in.

Ñata les invitó a su casita.



They chatted a bit.  Ñata explained how Sheepie’s twin sister might come to live with them soon.

Charlaron un poquito.  Ñata explicó como la hermana de Sheepie vendría a vivir con ellas pronto.

Stir, stir, stir...

Stir, stir, stir…

Talk, talk, talk.

Talk, talk, talk.

Heidi and Digger told her about all their kids.

Heidi y Digger le contaron sobre todos sus niños.



Ñata showed them some of her decorative china.

Ñata les enseñó algunas de sus cosas decorativas de porcelana.



They said goodbye after a while.

Se despidieron después de un poco.



Ñata and Sheepie fell asleep.

Ñata y Sheepie se durmieron.


Wait, a photo story??????

Yep.  I have a bunch on my computer, which will hopefully be uploaded soon!!! 🙂

Apparently, I had a partially dry socket (it’s a stupid tooth thing) but it’s healing!!!!  And I didn’t get an abscess again! yay!  Tooth problems!!!  And I lost another tooth, so I only have like three or so more baby teeth, so hopefully all the second teeth won’t dissolve or get infected or rot or anything this time.

And some raccoons are ripping up my plants looking for bugs.  BAD RACCOONS!!! STOP HURTING MY BABIES!!!!  Hopefully, I can put some chicken wire around the pots or something soon… but meh.

Jingle bells to all,


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