Ten Things to Write



Yes– another list.  Ah well, lists are fun.

Here are ten things that I want to accomplish (and have accomplished) as a writer:

1.  Write an entire short story in future tense.

2. Write a story about someone transgender. (I even posted this one, that’s

Non-Sequitor One: Unfixable)

3.  Co-write a story (if you wanna help with this one, comment!!!).

4. Write an epic.

5. ACTUALLY complete a graphic novel.

6. Write a book that’s at least 200 pages long (I seem to lose interest at around 140 or so).

7. Illustrate someone else’s book.

8. Build a book like a town, populate it, make some drama, and KILL OFF NEARLY EVERYONE!!! (to help stress)

9. Write a holy text or a collection of myths for an invented religion.

10. Finish this list.

If you want to help out with any of the above, especially the co-writing or illustrating stuff, (keep in mind that I’m twelve, though 😉 ), then comment! 😀



10 comentarios en “Ten Things to Write

  1. Aranera dijo:

    That sounds like a good list! 😀 I’d be happy to co-write something – what about a collection of myths from an invented religion (this way we kill two birds with one stone 😉 ) We could pick a god/goddess/other and make a very short story about their origins, or something they did. And then compile those stories. We could ask other people to co-write, too 🙂 Just a thought!

    Me gusta

  2. anaeleamarhinojosa dijo:

    I like lists too, help me to put my ideas in order, also the grocery list is very helpful, my children are very happy when I remember to buy milk and cereal.
    A few weeks ago in a reading group that I usually go to have a good time listening a good literature, a lady reads about a list she wrote, and encourage us to make ours “Things that I want to do before I die”
    And I haven’t make mine yet.

    Me gusta

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