Even So

What is the world, in reality?
Is it only a bi-product of consciousness, of a soul?
Of reality?
Of people?
Life is too much.
Sprout wings, fly away, to another world
Would the world still spin
Without you?
¿Qué es el mudo, en realidad?
¿Solo es un producto del conocimiento, de una alma?
¿De realidad?
¿De la gente?
Crecer alas, volar a otro mundo
¿Todavía dará vueltas el mundo
Sin tí?
And let the forgotten world turn without your help.
Y deja el mundo olvidado a dar vueltas sin tú ayuda.

4 comentarios en “Even So

  1. GB dijo:

    Beautifully written. Is that a hollyhock (with the grasshopper) from your garden? If so, could you save some of the seed pods for me? That is the exact deep, dark red shade I’ve been looking for and I love the multi-flora blossoms. Thanks!

    Me gusta

    • Changuita dijo:

      That picture is really old, and the hollyhock hasn’t fully regenerated yet. Right now, it’s a stump with some leaves. Sure, I’ll give you some when it seeds again! 🙂 The ‘grasshopper’ is actually a katydid who lived there for a few weeks. I used to visit him/her every day. I like that color, too.

      Me gusta

  2. Paige dijo:

    Lovely. We are all alone in our minds, right? Isn’t it possible that you are the only soul in this universe, and the rest of the world is just an illusion that your sub-conscious has created to make you feel less alone? In which case, this world would be just another bi-product of consciousness. 😉

    Me gusta

    • Changuita dijo:

      Yup! I love thinking about stuff like that. It’s also part of a quantum physics theory that I don’t quite get, but I’m sure it means something interesting! Oh well… someday I’ll figure it out! 😀 And thank you for the kind comment!

      Me gusta

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