My Cats

Yesterday’s post was mostly words.  Here, have some… not words!  Okay, not as many words, then.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.10.25 PM

This is my cat Oliver, or Olive.  She was a feral kitten, but she’s okay.  She’s super nice and quiet until you’re sitting down, and then she’s the most annoying thing in the world.  Especially if you’re on the computer.  She’ll try to talk to you, climb up on your desk, bite you hands, play with the mouse and screen, and walk across the keyboard.

Her favorite activities include following you when you go for walks, sleeping in your bed and then getting up in the middle of the night to walk across your face, and playing with toys (she brings them back after catching them, it’s adorable!!!!!!)

Her vocabulary includes “Mrrrp”, which means “pet me more your computer doesn’t matter”, “brrrrrrrt”, which means “I love you, hi”, “mmmmmmmmmrr”, which means “ah you’re scary I must hide”, and “me-row-row-rrrrrow” which is her hunting cry (meaning she’ll do it when she has a toy in her mouth.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.10.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.11.03 PM

This is Mikerina Snacky Cat, or Snacky.  Or Snoochy.  Or Snackaroon.  Or Snickers.  Or Snackerdoodle.  Etc.  Friends of our family were fostering her litter when we adopted her.  She was a little bigger, a little shinier, a little darker, a little older, and a lot smarter than the rest of her “brothers and sisters”.  She figured out how to get up on tables and chairs and counter A LOT FASTER and has a reason to be called “Little Badness”.  My family theorizes that the shelter workers had her separate from the litter she came with, but then were all like, “This is a black cat.  Those are black cats.  Let’s just put this one with them.”

Her favorite activities are being a jerk (we have to put her in the bathroom while she eats because she steals other cat’s food), and hunting, catching, and eating bugs, mice, rats, birds, spiders, gophers, and basically everything.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to take down a deer.  She also loves it if you hold a string near her so she can attack it.  And, when she settles down, she would love it if you hugged her.  She purrs really easily.

Her main vocalization is a squeaky “moo”.  She uses different inflection and distance between “moo”s depending on what she’s talking about.  When she got stuck in the fridge as a kitten, she went “moo             moo          moo”, but when she wants food, she goes “moo moo moo moo moo”.  If you find lick marks on the butter, pineapple, mushrooms, or pan dulce (she has eaten all of this things off of tables and counters) and you’re trying to get a confession out of her, she’ll usually just say, “Moo!” before running away.  Or blame Zuzu.  Except you haven’t met Zuzu yet.  She’s next.


Here’s Zu–her full name is Zucchini Blossom, but we call her Zuzu, Zu, or Zubu.  She’s an extremely picky eater.  She’s kind of anorexic and won’t eat for days at a time.  She has such a low metabolism that she stays big, though.  She’s nice, but very confused.

Okay, I did favorite activities for the other two cats.  Zu likes sleeping, eating, and getting high on catnip.  Um… yeah.  That’s about it.

If she needs to talk, Zu usually just yowls.


Human: “Okay, Zubu, I think it’s dinner time.”


Human: “Hungry, huh?”


Human: “Okay, here’s your food!”

Zu: *sniffs it, looking confused*  *looks up, ears back like an owl*  “AAAAAAAYOOOOMOWWWEEEEEMOEAAAAAYAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEE!!”

Human: “Um…”

Cool.  Cool cool cool.  I’m going to write more here soon.  Yep.  Okay.  Good.  Yep.  Good.  Okay.

In case you were wondering, all my sock monkeys are doing good.  Mivsie recently spent an extended period of time at her friend Kat’s house.  And I’ve been making more plushies and stuff.  More later.

—Changuita o(-_- )o

PS:  By the way, the little guy next to my signature is supposed to represent a monkey.  Yes, okay, I’ll go now.


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