Blog Recognition Award

I have been nominated for a cool award by Zoë (!!

Okay, so basically, I talk about my blog, give some advice to new bloggers, and nominate people as well!! (actual rules at’

Right!  I started this blog because I’d seen a bunch of cool Sylvanian blogs and wanted to talk about my Sylvanians and other stuff!  At first it was mostly miniatures, but then writing and personal life and art and anime got mixed in… :S

I still love my blog though!  I really wish I still posted more here… I use tumblr more now because the format is quicker and it’s easier to code your own themes. 😉  But this blog is great for what it’s good for and it really comes down to how much time I have to post things.

Soooo… advice for new bloggers.

If you want to be popular, stick to a theme.  Seriously.  Blogs that are predictable are easy to follow, fun, and clever.  If you post a funny meme at six o’clock every day, odds are people are going to want more.  If you ramble about random things and sometimes post art and like Sylvanians and generally only actually post anything every half a year… people might lose interest.

Be friendly and relatable.  If a follower is feeling down, be sure they have someone to talk to!!  😉

• Ignore this advice and do whatever the hell you like.  Really!!!! 😀

Bye!  Hope to see you soon!

Oh wait crap 😡 I forgot to nominate people.  Uuuuummmmmmmmmmtmtmtmtm….

Magic Mayhem —


Sugarbush Valley —

and don’t feel inclined to do it!! 🙂



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