Mostly just a bit of other randomness

Yes… randomness… Okay, today it rained, so this is what I did:

Right… it rained, and I had math and was in lotus position for a lot of it.  I still wonder why I am two years up in math if I can’t even hold the book right. (or flip a picture right-side up)  Well, it is CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics) and does try to make math simpler by making it complicated, and (pause)  Actually,  I’ll save the Common Core rant for another day. 😉

Seeing as my computer is being slow and I was going to post a Sylvanian story, it decided to reload all my tabs without my consent, sending all my photos into the black hole of unsaved content, and I am too lazy to re-upload them. :/

Right then.  So, I suppose this will be another post about randomness.

It was raining.

Then I ran around barefooted in the pouring rain.

Okay… more random stuff…

Hm. Monkeys are cute!  APPLESAUCE!  And… dragons!!!

The beans aren't actually green.  The jar is.

The beans aren’t actually green. The jar is.

Little fan and club tail. (yes, I make sure that my dragons are the correct gender.)

Little fan and club tail. (yes, I make sure that my dragons are the correct gender.)

I made them out of Sculpey and dressed the older boy in some smallish Sylvanian clothes.  I might make something for the little girl… hmm…

So… the little girl has a name.  She’s called Li.  I thought it was fitting, seeing as she has a pearl of power, and her older brother (yet to be named) does not.

Okay then.  Any suggestions for names for him???  Comment to answer!  I would prefer Chinese names, seeing as they are Chinese dragons, but Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Indonesian names work, too.

Thanks for tolerating my weirdness,

Changuita 😛