Slow Connection

I’m talking about my computer.

Mind you, this is a really good computer.  It’s Apple.  Not that Apple is necessarily superior or anything, but still… nice quality and all….

And it. is. NOT. WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I’d like to upload some pictures, sock monkeys, or the promised novel excerpt.

nope.  Instead, I load the basic HTML of my e-mail, I wait forever as that stupid little sinning ball bounces across a frozen screen, and I wonder if it’s cat fur stuck in the computer and overheating it. (it has happened before O_o )

So… Maybe I’ll have to cope with the tiny keyboard of a tablet, and take all my pictures with it, hopefully not fumble and completely mess up a post, and only occasionally post The Vision Stones. *sigh*


What would you do if you noticed a crack running down your computer’s screen?  And then it split in half?  Or if it just wouldn’t turn on one day?

What would you do?

Because I would get up, run outside, and dance.  And feel as my mushed-up, pixelated brain slowly reconnected with the real world.  How exhilarating.  How euphoric that would feel to me.  And triumphant.  Triumphant!

And now there would be no running away from all the dangers and confusion of real life.