Have you read all the Harry Potter books?- A Pottermore Guide

Or at least one? And you’ve noticed how much J.K. Rowling makes dumb mistakes?

Well, why not get a Pottermore account!!! 🙂

Pottermore is here!

Check it out and sign up for a free account! I’m in Slytherin, and I roleplay in the Common Room in the evenings or weekend mornings, under the username of GoldWave6407 and the nickname of Capuchin, The Frog.ster, or Twig, all of which are different characters.

I’m bored because I don’t have school. No school is boring. :/  So I feel like posting a Pottermore guide of sorts.

So first, potions!!!!!

Potions can be hard, so I suggest starting with Cure for Boils or Antidote to Common Poisons, which are easy and brew quickly.  Of course, you’ll need potion books to do this, so I’d buy some at Flourish and Blotts before you begin!

The hardest part of potions might be the heating.  You’ll want to keep the cauldron temperature in between the two little lines on the gauge.

ALWAYS read through the steps in your potion book unless you already have. Seriously, it’s pretty easy to make a mistake.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, Doxycide is always a fun potion, available in the potions book called, kind of dumbly, Book of Potions.

If you need help, always ask the other potioneers in the comments! Most of them are friendly and happy to help! They might even send you a free ingredient!

Another way to earn house points is to duel.

Dueling is fun, but tricky and kind of stupid.

I suggest practicing spells before hand, until you have a score of at least 135 points.  Then, practice against your house.

When you are ready, challenge people from other houses ONLY if their average is below yours, unless you really don’t care about the house cup.

Some spells are better than others, and you can always ask for help, but, unlike in potions, you might get unwante challenges instead of free ingredients. Heh.

Moments are fun. But the best way to figure out moments is just to click on stuff until something exciting happens. YAY!

And now, role-playing. Role-playing is one of the best parts of Pottermore.  But you need to know how to role-play.

First, choose a good nickname and update your status (on your profile) with something about you, your nickname, how your character looks, a bit of knowledge, or anything you like.  However, DON’T post anything offensive anywhere on Pottermore, for your account might get suspended or (gasp!) banned.

Now you’re ready to go to either your commons or the Great Hall (many members abbreviate it to the GH) and have some fun!

If you are doing something in the role-play, like sitting down or coming into the common room, put it in hyphens (which are favored by English speaking students) or parenthesis (which are favored by Spanish speaking students).  Sign it with your nickname.

Example: -runs in excitedly- Hi, I’m new!-Froggy

Wait for people to respond and reload the page.  If no one does, don’t worry, just keep role-playing by yourself.  It’s still fun!

If you are talking to a specific person, put their nickname at the beginning of the comment, like:

Charmy: Thanks! -Froggy

Some things aren’t allowed to be typed on Pottermore.  If the way you are putting them isn’t harmful, then use these shortcuts:

Pottermore only allows you to type up to the number one.  Most users will then type to, tree, for, hive, sick, even, ate, dine, hen, but there are variations.

If it won’t let you type two words in succession, then place (mods) or a slash in between them.

Example One: -eats a banana- (mods) Me likes bananas.-Capuchin

Example Two: -eats a banana- /Me likes bananas.-Capuchin

If it doesn’t let you type a word, then put periods in it to form smaller words that are allowed.

Example: Well, pro.te.in is important.-The Frog.ster

Once you make friends, feel free to add them, but if you receive a friend request, make sure you know them before adding them.  If someone else has your nickname, then talk to them until one of you decides to change it to something else.

If you encounter a troll or a mean person, ignore them or leave. Don’t provoke them.

So, I don’t usually go to the GH, so if you’re in Slytherin and you run into Capuchin, The Frogster (Froggy Lemon), or Twig, tell them, “Mice are cool.”

If they don’t understand, then they are obviously not me.  My username, again, is GoldWave6407.

If they do, then give them a hint at who you are.

Example: Capuchin: Mice are cool! -Ted

Ted: Me say hi! Me know you!-Capuchin

Capuchin: It’s (insert follower of my blog)!-Ted

Ted: Oh hi, Ted! Let’s being friends!-Capuchin

And then you become friends!  Yay!

Beware of Trolls and hope to see you in my house,

Changuita 🙂