A Sort of Review | A Letter to Momo

Since I went to a Japan center, I obviously have a lot of new stuff.

Two exciting things I got were two Yokai movies:

A Letter to Momo and The Great Yokai War.

Of course, I had to watch them.  I choose A Letter to Momo first.  As much as I like strange special effects and master-less samurai with goopy orange blood, a simple illustration of three anime-like yokai and a teenage girl immediately drew my attention.

I watched it just now.

The art was like that of Studio Ghibli.

Does the picture show up?

Does the picture show up?

See?  Or not?  Sorry if the pictures didn’t work…

The animation, however, was kind of crappy.  The vehicles tended to jerk a lot when they moved, but the characters didn’t do so as much.

And the characters were great!!!  I was laughing for most of the yokai scenes.  The three ‘goblins’, a frog man, a oni-like giant, and a snake-monkey, were spot-on.

The plot was well-driven and engaging, other than the ending, which was a little too long for my attention span.  You could really feel the characters struggles, especially the tension, frustration, and suspense.

It was really amazing!  One thing that I look for in monster films is the quality of the yokai.  Are they interesting, wild, and cool-looking?  Do they have stories?  Do I recognize some of them from legends?  And these yokai were very good, according to me.

Well, some people may be disturbed by one thing: the fart humor.  It wasn’t very subtle, but there wasn’t much of it, either.  Little things like:

“Frogs are lame.  Plus their talking sounds like farts.”


“Do your secret attack!”


Eh.  That’s yokai for you.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you haven’t been introduced to yokai culture and the Shinto religion, but you’d still ‘get’ it.

So yeah!

Pretty cool.

Did the pictures work?  If not, then 😦 .  If they did, I’ll upload more! 🙂




Hmmm.  More reviews, photo stories, and other fun stuff soon!

Probably soon.  Is it okay that I posted twice in one day?  That always seemed like a weird taboo to me.  Ah well, plenty of people do it. 😐

So yeah!  Maybe you’ll get to see some of the other cool stuff I got!

Like candy… and daiso junk…  and a no-face plush from Spirited Away




I’m going to the Japan center today.  YAY!

So, I’ll probably post about weird and wonderful stuff that happened there later, which basically means… um… at some point.

So yeah.

Bleurgh, I thought this post was going to be a lot more exciting.

*scans desktop for cool pictures or drawing*


Look at those guinea pigs!


Guinea Piiiiigs.

Guinea piiiiiiiigs.

Okay, bye!