Strange Things That Happened Today

1. The camera wouldn’t connect to the computer, so I only have a few photos from the next story:

IMG_3204 IMG_3206 IMG_3209

2. I ate food.

3. A coyote was spotted VERY near to my house.  Like, around the corner from my house.

4. All the cats and rabbit are safe– I think.

5. I talked.

6. I bit my lip and then coughed, and blood splattered onto my arm.  Nice.

7. I thought. A lot.

8. I ran awkwardly after some other people on bikes.

9. I ran in circles.

10. I realized that not all these things are that strange.

And the Winner Is…

Hmm… I used three little dot thingies in the title.  Have you ever noticed that most people type those little dot like this… when they should be typed like this…  It’s kind of like those hyphens.  Hyphen-like thingies– Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah– winning. (See how I used alt+- rather than -? That’s the correct hyphen-thing for that grammatical use. But I’m terrible at figuring out where to put parenthesis… is this good?)  Anyways, the decision for the winner of Mivsie’s Photo Contest was (guess what) incredibly hard.  Here’s what I thought of the three entries:

• GB’s Entry:  I think this really used symbolism and metaphors of sorts to depict the literal definition of Life.  Basically, things that are defined by the six characteristics of life(as we know it).  It had a cute mouse in it.  There were plants and eggs and things like that.  It was a really cool translation.  A cool interpretation.

• Aranera’s Entry:  I liked this one because it depicted ‘life’ as the social construct used by most animals (on this planet) to live their lives.  See?  Life.  A day in the life.  It was nice to see that the little dog, Clara Kenneth, in her photos had a good life.  It looks like she has friends, and food, and a family.  These are important in life, right? The pictures were also taken with a cool filter that gave them an interesting and in-depth look.  They looked almost as though they had been seen through a dream, which made them fun to look at.  Another cool interpretation.

•Dawn’s Entry: I thought that Dawn’s entry really conveyed life in the way that it showed a mother feeding her baby.  It looked like the poor mama had been up all night, getting out of bed to feed her kitten, trying to get some sleep, etc.  However, she still takes care of this little life form that she helped to make.  She feeds her offspring.  The composition and angle of the photo was also cute.  It makes the mama look small and insignificant, although she has enough power to care for her young.  Another cool interpretation.

Everyone did really great.  So let me announce the winner… *drumroll*… And it is…

Dawn!  Yay!  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Okay, here’s a badge for you, Dawn:

WInner's Badge

And everyone who participated can try and nab this badge for your website:

Participant's Badge

I mean, if you can… try dragging onto your desktop and then uploading it to your photostream or website’s sidebar.  Or just leave it there to admire! 🙂

And if you’re really devoted, then blow one up and print it out for your wall! 😉

Here’s Mivsie:



She’s says thanks to all the participants!

Have a good rest of your life and keep reading,


It’s Friday Already??!


“It’s Friday already?”

“¿Ya es el viernes?”


“(sighs) It isn’t that the week went by fast, it was just that…”

“(suspira) No es que la semana pasó rápido, solo es que….”


“It went by so slow that I couldn’t see the end of it…”

“Se pasó tan lentamente que no pudé ver su fín…”


“Until now!”

“¡Hasta ahorita!”

So yeah… a little mouse narrates thoughts that were almost my thoughts exactly…

And I feel that a storm of strange tension is beginning on the horizon…

And that it will not only affect me when it hits us.

I’m a little weird right now.

I think I’m dehydrated… a bit.

Mostly just a bit of other randomness

Yes… randomness… Okay, today it rained, so this is what I did:

Right… it rained, and I had math and was in lotus position for a lot of it.  I still wonder why I am two years up in math if I can’t even hold the book right. (or flip a picture right-side up)  Well, it is CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics) and does try to make math simpler by making it complicated, and (pause)  Actually,  I’ll save the Common Core rant for another day. 😉

Seeing as my computer is being slow and I was going to post a Sylvanian story, it decided to reload all my tabs without my consent, sending all my photos into the black hole of unsaved content, and I am too lazy to re-upload them. :/

Right then.  So, I suppose this will be another post about randomness.

It was raining.

Then I ran around barefooted in the pouring rain.

Okay… more random stuff…

Hm. Monkeys are cute!  APPLESAUCE!  And… dragons!!!

The beans aren't actually green.  The jar is.

The beans aren’t actually green. The jar is.

Little fan and club tail. (yes, I make sure that my dragons are the correct gender.)

Little fan and club tail. (yes, I make sure that my dragons are the correct gender.)

I made them out of Sculpey and dressed the older boy in some smallish Sylvanian clothes.  I might make something for the little girl… hmm…

So… the little girl has a name.  She’s called Li.  I thought it was fitting, seeing as she has a pearl of power, and her older brother (yet to be named) does not.

Okay then.  Any suggestions for names for him???  Comment to answer!  I would prefer Chinese names, seeing as they are Chinese dragons, but Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Indonesian names work, too.

Thanks for tolerating my weirdness,

Changuita 😛

The Monkey, The Cat, The Eagle, and The Owl

And no, of course they aren't based on real people!  Wherever do you get that idea?

And no, of course they aren’t based on real people! Wherever do you get that idea?

I know you can’t see it, but the cat has a very cute little pink nose! :3

And the monkey’s eyes are that misshapen, yes.

They are all about the size of……………    um………… a holly berry.

The eagle, cat and monkey are all kinda weird.  I think that the owl turned out best.

More photos upon request!


PS Why do I feel Iike it was weirdly brave to post this????

The Plane Ride Part Two


Dr. SquiggleEyes:  Hee hee!

Dr. SquiggleEyes: ¡Je, je!


Ristleton: Ugh….




*suspiro largo*

*long sigh*



Dr. SuiggleEyes:  Ristleton, you look down.

Dr. SquiggleEyes: Ristleton, te ves triste.


I know how to make you happy!

¡Se como hacerté feliz!


RIstleton: Really?

Ristleton: ¿De veras?


Dr. SquiggleEyes: Let’s eat dinner!

Dr. SquggleEyes: ¡Vamos a comer!






Ristleton: Ugh….


Dr. SquiggleEyes: Uh… huh.


Ristleton: Um… you have something in your mustache…

Ristleton: Er… tienes algo en tu bigote…


Dr. SquiggleEyes: Where?

Dr. SquiggleEyes: ¿Dónde?


Ristleton: Ah… over here….

Ristleton: Ah… por aquí…








Dr. SquiggleEyes: Better?

Dr. SquiggleEyes: ¿Mejor?


Ristleton:  I’m going to sleep.

Ristleton: Voy a dormir.












Okay, I know, longest plane ride ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Next part soon, I promise!


New Sylvanians!!!!!

I shall start with a quote:

All comedy is derived from fear.

-Garnet, Steven Universe


Now, I feel like Sylvanian Families haven’t been getting enough attention here lately.

I got new figures from Singapore!!!!

The Hamster Family:


Hamster Family

Ow………. I don’t think they like the place I picked for their photoshoot very much!

Misha(Mom), Ickebod(Dad), Mellie(Sister), and Isaan(brother)

Misha is helpful, but gets flustered easily.  Ickebod likes taking long walks and contemplating things.  He’s pretty social.  Mellie may be shy when someone first meets her, but will be very chatty once you know her.  Isaan is very shy, and is usually ‘in his own world’.  He’s very smart, but not very many people know it.



And… two ADORABLE babies:

Baby Rabbit and Baby Sheepie.

I remember when those succulents were babies…. well, rootlings…

Little Rabbit Dude (no name yet…) and Livy!

Livy is Sheepy’s (to be introduced) sister!!!!


Now I need a sheep family…


Double Post: The Long Plane Ride (Part One) and The Vision Stones Installment Three

The two winning monkeys are headed to the Caribbean!  They will first board a plane in Nevada, which will take them to their dock in Mexico.

¡Los dos changos ganadores van al Caribe!  Primero, irán en un avión en Nevada, que los llevará a Mexico, donde espera su barco.

I think they live pretty far away from Mexico considering how long this flight took.

Pienso que viven muy lejos de México considerando que largo tomo el vuelo.

Well, here it is:

Bueno, aquí está:


Flight Attendant: Hi… Um- Welcome to the plane!

Atendente del Vuelo(¿?):  Hola… er- ¡Bienvenidos al avión!


Ristleton: Hi……

Ristleton: Hola…..


Dr. SquiggleEyes:  I call this seat! (giggles)

Dr. SquiggleEyes: ¡Esté asiento es mío! (ríe)


Tiny Hippo:  I’m flying alone… it’s spooky.

Hipopótamo Pequeñito:  Estoy volando solo…. me da miedo.


Flight Attendant:  I’ll help you.

Atendente del Vuelo:  Te ayudaré.


Dr. SquiggleEyes:  Hmmmm….


Ristleton:  Um……


Dr. SquiggleEyes:  Is this a staring contest?

Dr. SuiggleEyes: ¿Es este un concurso de mirar?


Ristleton:  Eh…… no.


Dr. SquiggleEyes: Aw…


Let’s watch TV!

¡Miramos la tele!


Ristleton:  Can you push Free WiFi, please?

Ristleton: ¿Puedes empujar el WiFi gratis, por favor?


Dr. SquiggleEyes: I’m going to watch cartoons.

Dr. SquiggleEyes:  Voy a mirar dibujos animados.


Heh. Heh.

Je. Je.


Ristleton:  (sigh) Ugh…

Ristleton:  (suspiro) Ugh….


Dr. SquiggleEyes:  Heh heh heh!

Dr. SquiggleEyes: ¡Je, je, je!


And now…. The Vision Stones part three!!!!!!!!!!

When it reconstructed itself, Ristle only had faint recollections of what had happened while it was in pieces.  People had told him how his parents had decided to go on an adventure date, slipped into a cave while climbing a cliff near the sea, and how there had been a cave in, while they where inside the cave.  Their bodies were probably trapped under the cliff.  How romantic.

But that was not what Ristle was worried about; or sad about.  He was sad and worried and alone because, when the world reconstructed itself, he was completely alone, on a tiny island, in a sea of sadness.

His insides had been completely wrenched out by that iron hand, and a stringy, lurking, missing, empty space remained.  He only felt the pain.  His stomach hurt.  He wanted to hear his parents again.  He hoped that he would hear them approaching, and see their laughing faces as they shouted, “April Fools!”

But they wouldn’t.  They were gone.  Something had just… grabbed them away.  And never, never, never ever again, would he smell hot breafminner bacon cooking, never would he walk to school with his father laughing beside him.  And never, never ever would his parents return.  They were gone.  Gone, as though a gust of wind had swept them away.

These thoughts swirled inside Ristle.  He was angry, mad at them for leaving him.  But he was sad.  And he was mad at himself for feeling like this.

The first thing he did when he got home was go into the bathroom and vomit.  He vomited up all the cake he’d eaten at the meadow, and it didn’t taste as good as when it had gone down.

Strange people were in his house.  They wandered about, talking amongst themselves, sobbing, weeping, or helping themselves to the jerky and crackers in the cupboards.  They must have been his parents friends.  But they stayed away from him and his bedroom.  He liked that, if liking something was even possible for him at that moment.

He kept the room dark.  He curled up, under his blankets, and lay there, crying his eyes out, hardly able to breathe.

And then he remembered that awful feeling he sometimes got, when he felt like there was a ghost in the house, or else some stupid person trying to break in.  he always reminded himself, at these moments, that his parents were in the house, and that that meant that he was safe.

But now, now there were only these strange people in the house.  Was he safe?  Would he ever be safe again?

“Mama….,” he whispered into the darkness. “Daddy?”

Wow, he thought. How stupid am I?  They’re dead.  They’re gone.  

And he hugged himself and cried until he fell asleep.


When Ristle woke up, he didn’t want to be awake.  He didn’t know what he wanted.  All this sorrow made him feel bored.  He was numb, and he wanted to feel again.  But it wasn’t boredom.  Because when you are bored, you can sometimes distract yourself.  This kind of sorrow, you can’t distract yourself at all.  But you can try.

When Ristle got up, and left into the kitchen, through the living room, there were only two people sitting there:  an ancient man, with loose skin scattered with liver spots, and a tiny woman, with dark skin and hair tied back behind her in a ponytail.  Neither of them acknowledged Ristle.

In the kitchen, Ristle got down jerky, a plum, and some hard, black bread.  He plucked a banana leaf from the tree next to the sink, and sat down at the counter.  He tried to eat the bread.  But his throat clenched up on it, and an awfully warm, disgusting, full, feeling crept up his stomach.  he set the bread down.  He picked up the small, nearly round, very red plum.  He took a small bite of the bitter peel and tried to force it down into his stomach.  His throat itched.  So he left the food lying on the marble counter, and retreated into his bedroom.

After twenty minutes of sitting in the depressed darkness, he left into the bathroom and vomited water.  Then he sat on his bed, shaking.

He turned on the radio, and tried to embed himself in the music that trailed softly out.  he hugged himself and rocked back and forth, hoping to become trapped in the endless tune that came from the tiny box.

There was a knock on the door, and ristle quickly shut of the radio.  The knock came again, now very soft.

“Go away!” Ristle shouted, now feeling angry. “Go away and leave me ALONE!!!”

But the door opened nonetheless.  A small girl stepped in.  She wore a simple, pink blouse and a blue skirt, along with blue slippers on her tiny feet.  She had raggedy, brown hair, and a headband pulling it back.

The newcomer was tiny and petite, but seemed to radiate power, or else some unknown knowledge.  Ristle’d always thought that people who spoke of vibes were absolutely insane, but here he was, feeling the vibes of a delicate looking, yet seemingly rough and tumble little girl.

“Ristle,” she said softly. “Ristle, come with me.  We need your help.”

“NO!” screamed Ristle, severed from his strange trance. “No, I’m NOT going with you on some lunatic COUNSELING offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“No, Ristle,” How dare she stay calm while I suffer this grief? “Your parents.  They’re alive.”

Ristle turned around.  He shook his head, but she nodded, extending her hand.  And they left in silence, past the strange people and out into the street.

Wow, long post!

Bonus:  How I am currently wasting my life:



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Ristleton is here.

Ristleton is here.

Me: Ristle, you’re meant to say something about yourself!

Ristleton: Oh, yeah… I like mangoes.

Me: -sigh- Okay, sure. Can you say something else… with more details.

Ristleton: -deep breath- I’m a small, shy, store-bought sock monkey, so I usually feel left out and small. I like mangoes- and am secretly in love with Mivsie. Wait, what did I just say? You aren’t posting this on your blog thing, are you?  I told you I didn’t want to be on your blog thing!

Me: Maybe.

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