Mivsie’s Photo Contest

So, I’ve had the idea for a long time that Mivise should hold a photo contest! 🙂
The theme would be ‘Life’, and could be interpreted in any way, such as a scenic picture with Sylvanians or some other sort of critter, a photo story, etc, as long as it has to do with pictures, a story can be a legal entry.

The rules are as follows:
1. It must include Sylvanians, sock monkeys, or small-ish critters of any sort.
2. Each entry must pertain to the theme, and only one entry is allowed per contestant.
3. The entry must be posted on your website or photostream.   If you are skilled with HTML codes, you could even post it in the comments here, on my photo contest post. 😀
4. To enter, comment on this post, and then post a link to the entry or the entry itself.
5. Tag your post or photo (if possible) #mivsiesphotocontest or Mivsie’s Photo Contest
6. Don’t enter if you feel lazy or don’t feel like it, the prize is pointless.


8. Have fun! :love:

Since I don’t have a good way to give people prizes or anything, you just get your entry re-blogged/posted on my blog with a link to your website, or else your pen-name and a little photo badge to put on your site’s sidebar if you have one. So… yup. Have fun if you enter! 🙂

And some succulents

Lil, Mivsie, and Grumpy Butt. (I don’t know if Grumpy Butt is her official name)