The Rain is Raining All Around

The rain is raining all around.


Yep………… luckily, the Eagle, Monkey, Owl, and cat are staying inside:

image image image image

Oh wait……..

"They're insane!" "I know."

“They’re insane!”
“I know.”

Sorry, most of them are staying inside…. crazy little things.


My Blog is Not Professional

My blog is not professional.  In fact, it’s a swirling chaos of confusion that goes on forever.  Try not to get lost.

Today, I could have written about sock monkeys, Sylvanians, my novel, my philosophies, gardening, sandwiches, clues…

But I don’t really feel like it.

It’s raining.  It makes everything feel peaceful, if not in a gloomy way.  I like it.  It’s like turning a graffiti-ed page in a book to reveal a clean, fresh one, still smelling of wood and completely blank.

And you have a new, yellow, not-yet-messed-up, soft, number two, huge eraser-ed, Dixon Ticonderoga pencil in your hand.  Basically, you can try again in a cleaner, fresher world.

Also, rain is a good setting for a story.

What does rain mean to you?

-Changuita is procrastinating some other stuff she should be doing; instead she’s writing weird stuff on a little-known website in the middle of nowhere, Internet.