Strange Things That Happened Today

1. The camera wouldn’t connect to the computer, so I only have a few photos from the next story:

IMG_3204 IMG_3206 IMG_3209

2. I ate food.

3. A coyote was spotted VERY near to my house.  Like, around the corner from my house.

4. All the cats and rabbit are safe– I think.

5. I talked.

6. I bit my lip and then coughed, and blood splattered onto my arm.  Nice.

7. I thought. A lot.

8. I ran awkwardly after some other people on bikes.

9. I ran in circles.

10. I realized that not all these things are that strange.

Sorts of Things That Happened to Me Today

Here’s a list of stuff that happened today:

• I mooshed cornbread in between my fingers until it turned grey.  This also works rather well with sushi rice, french bread, and the inside of bagels.  Anything doughy or really squishy works well.

• I shoved the remainder of the cornbread into a thermos of chicken soup and ate it.

• I watched a guy yelling and raising a fork.  Multiple people responded with their forks.

• I slipped and fell after running through the halls after the science teacher tricked me into believing that I was late for class after the first bell rang.

• I attempted to work with an awful computer.

• I stared at random people, making weird expressions.

• I wrote down a poem and had to re-break the lines so that it actually was a pantoum.  But then it kind of died.

• I left my thermos in the science teacher’s room and had to run back and get it.

• I tried to catch up with some people to try and tell them that telling the science teacher that it was his fault that I’d been in the hospital after falling after running to try to get to my next class wouldn’t work.

• I gave up doing the previous thing.

• I got ‘Surfing USA’ stuck in my head.

• I watched the new Steven Universe and my brain fell out of my body and rolled away.

• I watched the new Adventure Time and my brain had to roll back into my head to roll out again.

• I gesticulated forcefully, waving chopsticks, talking loudly as rice fell out of my mouth and onto my shirt.  It got stuck to it until I picked it off.

• I thought about putting together a photo story.

• I thought about all the comic book and cartoon characters I have ever falling in love with. (Want a list? Um… Johnny from Maple Town Story, Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe, Larisa and Cloud from Sandra and Woo ( etc.)

• I began to seriously question my sanity.

Thanks you!



P.P.S. Larisa is insane.

It Was Most Definitely Something.

'Charcoal Bigfoot'

‘Charcoal Bigfoot’

Today’s post, like most of my recent posts, has hardly anything to do with anything that this blog is meant to have to do with. *sighs*

Tell you what, I’ll post another segment of that plane ride tomorrow or the next day.

I think that what’s stopped me from posting about soak monkeys is a huge and most terrifying beast.  This beast is, like most other human weaknesses, really obnoxious.  It may be multiple beasts, actually.  Infectious beasts.  The first of which is the most feared (and sometimes revered) Procrastination.  I don’t want to post a long story full of half-improvised dialogues and pointless jokes.  I’d much rather write, or draw, or play with my monkeys without worrying about actually posting it or not.  Copying and pasting a little piece of something or taking a quick picture of a doodle is far easier than uploading a load of pictures, attempting to find witty dialogue in a lake of inspiration and then drag it out with a meta-physical fishing line, write some dialogue, and try to get people to turn their heads towards what I’ve created.

I like sharing my art to the world, and I like posting little bits and pieces of The Vision Stones.  Maybe because it just makes me happy.  Maybe because I am possessed by another beast: The Need to Impress.

And I don’t just mean make people think that I’m a good person.  I don’t mean that I want to make people think that I am worthy of attention.  Actually, I do.  But another spirit that resides inside me wants to press my handprint into the world itself.  I want to show people in the future that I was here once, that there were other people here, and that they weren’t the only ones.

I want people to say, “She really did something.  She really changed the world.”

I don’t care how I changed it.  Everyone changes the world, everyone leaves a footprint.  I want mine to be visible.  I want to do something.  Something big.

Speaking of footprints, beasts, and big things, I want to dedicate this post to one of my obsessions: Cryptozoology.

This obsession predates my obsessions with mismatched socks, yokai, monkeys, weird combinations of clothing that could be interpreted as ‘suits’, Zilpha Keatley Snyder’s books, and the sad and/or strange life stories of circus freaks(some of my favorites are Ralph Wadlow and Schlitzie Surtees).

It does not, however, predate my obsessions with drawing, storytelling, creating in general, dancing, and- guess?- Sylvanians.

I can trace this strange feeling towards the unknown back to when I was much smaller than I am now.  I would think about aliens.

I would picture aliens, sometimes complete with weird spaceships, flying towards earth.  Beings that I had never even imagined.

A weird feeling would creep through me, and I could feel myself submerged in fear.  But it was enjoyable.  Exciting fear.  The sort of fear that makes you cringe when you hear a thump in a dark room.  I love it.

Sometimes I hate it.  I have encountered ghosts.  Only recently have I actually seen them, up to about two, three, maybe four years ago- it was only the feeling and sometimes physical contact.  Something has, twice, walked across my back at night when I was definitively not asleep.

I see whispy figures float by.  I can feel them- the fear of the unknown is present, but also weird, prickly sensations, and just- just a feeling of some unknown, supernatural power.

I used to love finding an article in a magazine about ghosts.  I still do.  Sometimes I can smell them, or feel a sort of breath on my neck.  A freezing cold hand clutching my head, when no hand is there.

I’d heard stories of cryptids (why does no one call them cryptozoons?) before, but didn’t know the generalized term for them. However, ‘Things That May Or May Not Exist’ always fascinated me.  The ones I heard the most about, understandably, were Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch), the Chupacabra (goat-sucker), the Yeti, and a few sea and lake serpents.

I liked hearing about the yeti the most, and then maybe Bigfoot, especially since Sasquatch territory is the closest real big cryptid area to my current (and always, I was born in the house that I’m sitting in right now) residence.  It was so- so cool to know that out there, near to me, there might be a whole new sort of hominid.  Someone like me, but not.

I’d heard about that guy that got kidnapped by Bigfoot.  I’d seen the film that those two guys filmed in Bluff Creek, and heard the evidence against it.

The yeti also fascinated me, although I’m not sure why.  Maybe just the idea of another ape, again.  I like being an ape.  I like learning about other apes.  It’s fun.

Once I read an article that claimed that yeti were polar bears.  I almost ripped the magazine in half.  It said that some people had found alleged ‘yeti hairs’ and done a DNA test.  Polar bears.  The article was coupled with a picture of a bellowing, blue-and-white, ape-like, weird, terribly drawn, ‘yeti’.  Yeti don’t live in the snow.  They migrate across it.  THEY ARE NOT WHITE! *insert swear word here*  That was a stupid article.  There were similar articles debunking other cryptid myths.  Those articles seemed as patchy as the fur of the bondegezou’s fur.  Ugh.

Another magazine really sparked my interest in cryptids, in another juvenile science magazine.  This one talked about four different cryptids, but I can remember Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Mothman, and Nessie.

The chubacabra.  Oh man.  This one really gave me that ‘alien fear’ feeling.  It was just so, weird.  So creepy.  It made me feel the way Mothman and the Jersey Devil make me feel.  It’s amazing!

The thing is, I don’t have particular interest in actually looking for a chupacabra.  Sure, I’d flip out if I actually saw one, but it doesn’t strike me as quite as interesting as Bigfoot, the yeti, or Mothman.

So, now I’d read about the Mothman Prophecy, but not in it’s entirety.  I hadn’t learned about shriekers or ‘black man-dragons’ quite yet.

Then started the ‘Computer Era’.  Another beast had come to creep into my head at night and grow, gradually, to implant the idea that computers were the new science magazines.

I found a cryptid wiki on one of my many web-searches for Bigfoot and others.   I skimmed through the articles, taking in more details about the Skunk Ape of Florida, the Wendigo (which I closed quickly after reading), and others.

The obsession had sparked into a fire.  My family joked that I was going to be a cryptozoologist when I grew up.  I liked the idea.  It sounded like it combined multiple things that I enjoy, such as the unknown, the presence of multiple, exciting worlds, art, writing, journalism, and, of course, cryptids.

Recently, I found two books on cryptozoology: Mutants and Monsters, and Cryptozoology A-Z.  I read the first one, but am still working on the latter.

And, more than ever, do I want to get out there and do something.  To make my impression.  I know an eye-witness of Bigfoot.  I’ve read lots of books and websites, and heard lots of oral legends.

Sometimes it’s easy to tell fact from conspiracy.

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a hoax.

Maybe not, but I’ve got the credentials to become a cryptozoologist: None.  Cryptozoologists are rarely even recognized as scientists, and when they are, it’s because they studied zoology for background knowledge, or just had an interest in ordinary animals to begin with.

But most of my obsessions are with the extraordinary, the abnormal.

And I’m coming, Bigfoot, I’m coming.


Random Doodles!!!

So here are some photos of doodles.  Mostly random ones, showcasing my terrible photography skills (at least in the area of photographing drawings) and my drawing skills (you decide how good they are 😉 ).

Showed this to a math substite.  I did a little more cross-hatching later on, but didn't take a picture. Meh.

Showed this to a math substitute. I did a little more cross-hatching later on, but didn’t take a picture. Meh.

Number One.

Part of a baby book I did.

Part of a baby book I did.


Not actually that bad of a drawing...

Not actually that bad of a drawing…


Yup.  That's Oevy, Moo, Qeqe, head-ish thing, and Alice.

Yup. That’s Oevy, Moo, Qeqe, head-ish thing, and Alice.


A lovely "screen-shot".

A lovely “screen-shot”.


Yeah... anyone notice the long tail?

Yeah… anyone notice the long tail?


A bakeneko, eh?

A bakeneko, eh?


Two rows of monkey kids.  I like the little oddball with the fairy wings in the first one!  She needs a story! :3

Two rows of monkey kids. I like the little oddball with the fairy wings in the first one! She needs a story! :3


So... I'm guessing you sre, creepy... thing...

So… I’m guessing you are, creepy… thing…





Oh no! The electricity is out, so I can't go on the computer, the food in the fridge will spoil, I can't recharge the battery on my electric car, etc. etc.

Oh no! The electricity is out, so I can’t go on the computer, the food in the fridge will spoil, I can’t recharge the battery on my electric car, etc. etc.


I doodle random, weird stuff.  These things just pop into my head. @_@ I'm not crazy- oh wait, I am.

I doodle random, weird stuff. These things just pop into my head. @_@ I’m not crazy- oh wait, I am.


I dunno.  Like I said, just came into my head!

I dunno. Like I said, just came into my head!


A cat-humanoid thingy-thing.  And some cadnles. I should probably finish the background…

A cat-humanoid thingy-thing. And some cadnles. I should probably finish the background…


There are a lot of samurai lizard drawings.  He never seems to wear an obi.  His kimono is held together using will-power.  He breaks the tradition of samurai.  Huh.

There are a lot of samurai lizard drawings. He never seems to wear an obi. His kimono is held together using will-power. He breaks the tradition of samurai. Huh.


Okay!  Now look back through them, find your favorite, and tell me which one it is and why in the comments!  Or not.  I don’t really care. 😐


Worst Teeth of the Year Award

I have like five baby teeth left, but…

At two years old, I needed my first filling.  At three, I got a whole bunch more.  At nine, my teeth started breaking, and I would feel sand-like stuff in my mouth sometimes.  Bits of teeth.  At ten or eleven, half of a molar fell out.  The dentist had to expose the root to fill it in.  At eleven, I got an abscess, and was sick for a week.

And so on and so on…

At age now, I had a weird toothache.  Apparently, the tooth had dissolved from the inside out.  The dentist pulled it, but the swelling didn’t go away.

I noticed a weird, flaky chunk of grey stuff under a flap in my gum where the tooth used to be.  The dentist decided to take time of her holiday break to check it out.

I had had a partially dry socket, but it was healing.

Then last night I was feeling my teeth last night, and I realized that there was a gaping whole in one of my teeth.  Another filling fell out.

Poor dentist.


New People!!!

Making fooood!!!

Making fooood!!!

Ñata and Laurie, who’s usually called Sheepie, were making some food…

Ñata y Laurie, a quien todos llaman Sheepie (Ovejacita), estaban cocinando…

Knock, knock, knock...

Knock, knock, knock…

when somebody knocked…

cuando alguien tocó la puerta…



It was the moles!  Heidi and Digger had been shopping for some new fabric when they saw the lights on in the little abandon house just outside of Bear Hollow.

¡Fue los topos!  Heidi y Digger habían estado comprando nueva tela para Heidi cuando vieron que hubo luces en la pequeña casa abandonada justo en las afueras de Bear Hollow.

Sitting awkwardly on the bed.

Sitting awkwardly on the bed.

Ñata invited them in.

Ñata les invitó a su casita.



They chatted a bit.  Ñata explained how Sheepie’s twin sister might come to live with them soon.

Charlaron un poquito.  Ñata explicó como la hermana de Sheepie vendría a vivir con ellas pronto.

Stir, stir, stir...

Stir, stir, stir…

Talk, talk, talk.

Talk, talk, talk.

Heidi and Digger told her about all their kids.

Heidi y Digger le contaron sobre todos sus niños.



Ñata showed them some of her decorative china.

Ñata les enseñó algunas de sus cosas decorativas de porcelana.



They said goodbye after a while.

Se despidieron después de un poco.



Ñata and Sheepie fell asleep.

Ñata y Sheepie se durmieron.


Wait, a photo story??????

Yep.  I have a bunch on my computer, which will hopefully be uploaded soon!!! 🙂

Apparently, I had a partially dry socket (it’s a stupid tooth thing) but it’s healing!!!!  And I didn’t get an abscess again! yay!  Tooth problems!!!  And I lost another tooth, so I only have like three or so more baby teeth, so hopefully all the second teeth won’t dissolve or get infected or rot or anything this time.

And some raccoons are ripping up my plants looking for bugs.  BAD RACCOONS!!! STOP HURTING MY BABIES!!!!  Hopefully, I can put some chicken wire around the pots or something soon… but meh.

Jingle bells to all,


Christmas is Coming

Ah, Christmas!  That lovely holiday were we chop down an innocent tree only to keep it alive in a weird half-state and weigh it down with bits of plastic, glass, metal, fabric, and wires.  Then we waste all our money buying junk for each other that we will never use, attempt to force down a horribly rich feast, and exchange a few awkward comments with relatives from halfway around the world that you hardly know.  And you get hugged.  A lot.

However, it is a very good holiday!!!!!  All the sociopathic and extremely social things mentioned above are actually, strangely, really fun.

So… what winter holiday(s) do you celebrate?

Also, please tell me what you chose in the comments, it’s fun to see what people do during the holiday season!!!  You only need an e-mail and a nickname or pen-name to comment!!! 👹

Yay!!! 🙂


The Vision Stones Part….. Eight????

“Evil never sleeps,”  Helia laughed. “Well, I’m practically nocturnal.”

“Huh.”  Ristle was fighting to stay awake now, despite the biting cold.  “So how come not many people know about the vision stones?  How come people don’t make them all the time?”

“Eh… It’s like a lost art kind of thing.  A lot of people don’t know about the quest, think we’re crazy, or just don’t care either way.  It’s mostly adventurers, dragonslayers, wise guys, and tied people who come looking for them with us.  Only when all the vision stones are united can all of them be destroyed.  It’s a magic thing that shaman did to the stones.  He must have been one creepy old guy!”  She laughed.

“Tied people?”

“Yeah, like, people who are in some way tied to the vision stones.  People like you, or Elidia, or Rokudo… you know.”

“Oh, yeah…” Ristle remembered Elidia’s words:  But that isn’t all they do. If you scream loudly and desperately in their presence, you’ll become trapped in limbo between all of them. If you laugh and say someone’s name, they will become cursed with a curse of your choice.

“Yeah.  You can bike pretty good.”

“Oh?  Oh yeah, I guess I can.  We learned at school.”

Ristle and Helia fell silent, looking at the dark trees around them, as they had driven into a forest.  It was cold, and still, the only disturbances in the air were the soft breeze, the rustles in the bushes, the cricket’s chirps, and the rattle of the cart.  Finally, Helia spoke.

“Well, Ristle, that Tiger really has a thing for you.”

Ristle didn’t know what to say.  He decided on the truth.

“I know.”

“Yeah, well, you seem to like Elidia enough.  I hated boys at your age.”



Both of their attentions wandered back to the road.  There was a soft rustle in the bushes, and a tiny, green spook emerged onto the dirt road.  It had a round body and head, two, huge blue eyes, and tiny horns poking from its head, along with two clawed feet and a long tail.

Ristle and Helia coasted to a stop as it scurried across the road.  It looked at them with its huge, blue eyes, then darted into a large, purple bush.

“I wonder where it was going.”  Ristle thought aloud, staring after the spirit as they started moving again.

“To a well, to collect water.” Helia was quiet and subdued, rather than loud and nonchalant.  

“How do you know?” Ristle sounded a little more startled than he felt.

“I know because I know.”  Helia answered sharply.  

There was a flapping noise behind them, and Ristle could tell it was Rokudo.

“So, how are things?” the “chicken” asked.

“Meh.” said Ristle.

“Well, we should rest soon, as soon as it is dawn.”

“When’s that?” Helia sounded like herself again.

“Soon, very soon,”  he paused. “Would you like me to take over with magic?  My powers, and dexterousness, are limited as a chicken, but I enjoy having wings, and, certain exclusive skills.”

“Sure.” Ristle was glad for an excuse to get off his bike, but Helia only shrugged.

They both lay down and watched the stars speed by as Rokudo closed his eyes, using some sort of telekinesis to propel the cart.  Helia stared up at the sky with a distant, almost strained, and yet relaxed expression on her dark face.  Ristl tried to sleep again, unsuccessfully, so he sat up at the front of the cart with Rokudo

“Where are we going?” Ristle felt the wind on his face.

“Hmmm… I suppose I should be able to answer that.  We’re going to see a dragon.” Rokudo’s eyes remained closed.

“Dragon?” Helia was sitting up straight now. “A dragon?  A real, living, talking dragon?”  There was both fear and strange hunger in her voice.

“Well,”  Rokudo sighed. “If the spirits let us pass.”

“Spirits?  You mean like spooks and sprites?” Ristle inwardly hoped it was nothing more.

“Yes, and a few yokai.  Maybe even a small god, or some ghosts.”

“Gods?  Are gods spirits?” Ristle had never seen or worshipped a god, but he knew of their existence.

“Yes, I guess.  Gods are a type of spirit, but only exist when there are people to worship them.”

Helia had layed back in the cart, her eyes still fixed on the heavens.

There was a melancholy feeling in the air.

“Ristle, go to sleep.” Rokudo’s eyes remained shut.

Ristle lay back, next to the figure of Elidia, whose eyes were half open.

“Rokudo, I can take over now.”  she whispered.

“With who?  Emerald and Mark are much too small, and everyone else has had their turn.”

“Okay, sure.” she layed back down.  “I’ll just go back to sleep.”

“I have a feeling you will be needed more later,” Rokudo opened his eyes slowly. “Just sleep now.”

So Elidia closed her eyes again.  It was a few moments before Ristle finally sunk into sleep, and a few more before he was woken.

“You aren’t welcome here.”  a voice boomed menacingly.

“We must speak with Kadelvesi, and it is important.” Rokudo sounded frantic, but kept cool.




Of Crafts and Fairs

And boxes, and devilsticks and flowersticks, and clay animals and foods, and….

I had these in little boxes with question marks on them, so customers could pay $2.50, pick one, open it, and take home the animal.  Last year I had comics, too... but... procrastinating...

I had these in little boxes with question marks on them, so customers could pay $2.50, pick one, open it, and take home the animal. Last year I had comics, too… but… procrastinating…

And craft fairs.

And about $100.

And thinking about getting new Sylvanians…. heh heh heh.

So, anyways, there was a craft fair today, and it was pretty fun.

Here’s what happened:

-Arrived, found friends, found my table, set it up.

-Said hello to Mr. Vested and like a gazillion other people I know who were there.

-Was bored.

-Read the first few pages of Fablehaven, talked to friends.

-Walked over to Mr. Vested’s booth, looked at his stuff, came back.

-Sat and was bored.

-Drank chai.

-Mr. Vested came over and looked at my stuff, went back.

-Drank more chai.

-Craft fair finally started!!!!

-A lot of people came by and bought my stuff.

-Sold out of mystery boxes. (little blind boxes with stuffed animals in them)

-People bought stuff.

-Let my eyes wander around all the other booths.

-More people bought stuff, but less after I sold out of the mystery boxes.

-Ate some of a bagel.

-Traded a monkey for a brownie made by some friends.

-Ate the brownie.

-More people bought stuff.

-Ate the rest of the bagel.

-Walked around and bought some stuff.

-Came back, people commented on stuff but didn’t buy.

-Packed up.


So, yeah… it was pretty cool.

I should have had a FAQ board:

Are you the one with the knitted hippos?


Are monkey hats for sale?


Did you make this stuff? (because this isn’t a craft fair or anything)

Oh no, I’m just minding the shop for someone else.  Not.

Can my kids touch these? (a lot of parents scolded their kids for touching my polymer clay stuff O_o )

If they’re careful.

Are you the one with the FIMO mice?

No.  That’s two tables down.

My sculpey thing broke.  Can I get another one?

No, just glue it back together.

Whoa, you chopped off your hair?


I remember you from last year, yeah?

Yes, you do, don’t you.

Are you in a sarcastic mood?

No, what gives you that idea?

Yup.  I’m super tired.