Love at the Emerald Caƒé/Amor en el Caƒé Esmeralda



This is the Emerald Café.

Este es el Café Esmeralda.


All the students like it because it have free WiFi.

Todos los estudiantes encantan el ‘WiFi’ gratis.

Here's your order!

Here’s your order!

There’s also a section for smaller critters.

También hay una sección para animalitos.

Heh heh heh!

Heh heh heh!

Lots of people bring laptops.

Muchas personas traen computadoras.

Comment if you read this caption!!!

Comment if you read this caption!!!

Today, Mivsie is here with her friend Olindia.

Hoy, Mivsie está aquí con su amiga, Olindia.

Rita must be squished. :(

Rita must be squished. 😦

Little Rita is waiting for her turn to get her order.

La pequeña Rita está esperanda su turno para consiguir su ordén.

Tiny Rita!

Tiny Rita!

What are you looking at, Olindia?

¿Qué estás mirando, Olindia?

Here's your order...

Digger, do you think these croissants are good?

Then she went to eat it.

Luego fué a comerselo.



Olindia:  She’s so pretty.

Olindia: Es tan bella.



Mivsie:  Why don’t you go talk to her?

Mivsie: ¿Porqué no vas a charlar con ella?

Um, hi Rita!

Um, hi Rita!

Rita:  Oh, um, hi Olindia…

Rita: Oh, er, hola Olindia…



Mivsie:  Heh heh

Mivsie: Je je


What do you think?

¿Qué piensas?

Who is you favorite sock monkey so far?

Alert: This poll will close on November 1.  If you vote after that, your vote will not count.

I will be updating this post a lot, and it will be sticky until November.  So, please scroll down to read stories! 🙂

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For descriptions of each sock monkey, go to Characters!!!

For stories featuring these monkeys, scroll down!!!

The winning sock monkey will get a prize!!!

Ristleton is this guy:

Ristleton is here.

Ristleton is here.

Me: Ristle, you’re meant to say something about yourself!

Ristleton: Oh, yeah… I like mangoes.

Me: -sigh- Okay, sure. Can you say something else… with more details.

Ristleton: -deep breath- I’m a small, shy, store-bought sock monkey, so I usually feel left out and small. I like mangoes- and am secretly in love with Mivsie. Wait, what did I just say? You aren’t posting this on your blog thing, are you?  I told you I didn’t want to be on your blog thing!

Me: Maybe.

So, please vote! Thanks!!!!


1. The prizes will be…

1st place: A payed-for cruise in the Caribbean and a tablet.

2nd place: A new laptop and a gift certificate to the Emerald Café.

3rd place: A gift certificate to Sock Monkey Thrift. (if Sock Monkey wins this, he’ll just get ten bucks. 😉 )

2. Hmm… Ristleton is winning so far… I kinda feel bad for Maisy-Amaia, though…

Mivsie Babysits Maisy-Amaia





Mivsie awoke as usual.

Mivsie desperto como siempre.

Which dress should I wear?

Which dress should I wear?

This one, I guess.

This one, I guess.

She dressed.

Pusó un vestido.

Pancakes and a tangerine!

Pancakes and a tangerine!

She ate breakfast.

Comió su desayuno.

Mivsie checks her schedule!

Mivsie checks her schedule!

By looking at her schedule, Mivsie realized she had to babysit Maisy-Amaia today.

Cuando miró su agenda, mivsie realizó que necesitaba cuidar a Maisy-Amaia hoy.

Slip through.. and pull it out...

Slip through.. and pull it out…

She tied her shoes.

Ató sus zapatos.



Should I bring my hat?  No, it's not very sunny.

Should I bring my hat? No, it’s not very sunny.


Maisy-Amaia was asleep when she arrived.

Maisy-Amaia estaba dormida cuando vino Mivsie.


But soon she was dressed…

Pero pronto se había vestido…


And playing games with Mivsie and her stuffed animals!

¡y estaba jugando juegos con Mivsie y los peluches!


They also drew.

También dibujaron.


Then played Blind Man’s Bluff.

Luego jugaron Blind Man’s Bluff.


Mivsie called out for pizza in the evening.

Mivsie llamó para pizza en la tarde.


They walked in the garden, through a fresh evening breeze.

Tomaron un camino en el jardín, através de una brisa.



Maisy-Amaia took a bath.

maisy-Amaia tomó un baño.




And fell asleep.

Y se quedó dormida.


Mivsie waited until her parents got home.

Mivsie esperó hasta que sus padres llegaron a la casa.

Okay, what do you think?  Any more observations?

¿Que tal? ¿Tienen más observaciones?


Maui Comes Home


Alyeska skated home on her skateboard.

Alyeska patinó a casa en su monopatín.

That weird homeless guy's still here.

That weird homeless guy’s still here.


Mr. Leaf: Oh, Alyeska!  Did you know that Maui is coming home from Finland today?

Alyeska:  He is?????

Mr. Leaf (Hoja):¿Sabías que hoy viene Maui a casa?

Alyeska:  ¿¿¿¿¿¿De verdad???????


I've got my present for him!

I’ve got my present for him!


The house is pretty messy, Dad.

La casa es muy desordenada, Papá.





Wait, he’s coming!

¡Espera, ya viene!


Maui is right outside.

Maui esta afuera.


Maui:  Hi!!!!!!

Maui: ¡Hola!


I got you a present, Alyeska.  Let’s go upstairs!

Tengo un regalo para ti, Alyeska.  ¡Vamos arriba!

Mr. Leaf:  Sorry, gotta go work on Helios.

Mr. Leaf: Perdón, necesito trabajar en Helios.

Maui:  Ooh, you got me Treasure Island!

Maui:  Oh, ¡me encontrastes Treasure Island!

Upstairs appears to be just as messy as downstairs!

Upstairs appears to be just as messy as downstairs!

I got you a Little My belt thing!

¡Consiguí una cintura Little My!

I love it!!!

I love it!!!



Well, the end!  So now I’m going to post a preview:

¡Bueno, fín! Ahora te voy a enseñar una prevista:



At the Emerald Café.

At the Emerald Café.

1,013 views of my blog so far!!!! 🙂

Mivsie’s Ear: Part III: The Conclusion

Before we go into the story, I’d like to share a preview picture of an upcoming story:

Antes del cuento, quiero compartir un foto prevista de un cuento en el futuro:

hide and go seek

Blindman’s Bluff

Well, let’s see what’s happening to Mivsie!

¡Bueno, vamos a ver que pasa con Mivsie!

First, she had a very restless night.

Primero, tuvo una noche.. no tan bueno…

Sock Monkey, mono de calcetin


















Finally, it was morning.

Finalmente, fue mañana.

I must have slept at last, it's morning.

I must have slept at last, it’s morning.

And Mivsie left the hospital.

Y Mivsie fue del hospital.

Hello there, Mivsie.

Hello there, Mivsie.

Say, Mivsie, a package from Heidi arrived today!

Say, Mivsie, a package from Heidi arrived today!

Now, since the photo story was short, I’ll set up a little game!  In the comments, tell me any observations, clues or connections you’ve found in the last few posts!!!  Get as observant as possible!! 🙂

¡Ahora, porque el cuento fue corto, jugáramos un juego!  ¡En las comentas, por favor digame observaciones, pistas, o conexiones que has encontrado en mis cuentos!  ¡Sea lo más observante posible! 🙂

Mivsie’s Ear: Part II



Mivsie:  Why does my head hurt? Mivsie:  ¿Porqué duele mi cabeza?

Oof / Uf

Oof / Uf

Mivsie awakens in the hospital.

Mivsie se despierta en el hospital.

Sock Monkey, Sock monkey in the hospital!



Dr. SquiggleEyes: Oh, glad to see you awake, Miss Mivsie!

Dr. SquiggleEyes: Oh, ¡que bueno verte despierta, Señorita Mivsie!


You have lots of visitors!

¡Tienes muchos visitantes!




Mivsie: Can I see them?

Mivsie: ¿Puedo verlos?


First were Molly and Digger Blinker-Mole.

Primero, entraron Molly y Digger Blinker-Mole.




Molly:  I have a card for you!

Molly: ¡Tengo una carta para ti!




Grown-up chat.

Grown-up chat.

Then, the grown-ups talked….

Después, los adultos hablaron….



while Mollly ate Mivsie’s food.

mientras que Molly comió la comida de Mivsie.





Moles: Bye!

Topos: ¡Adiós!

Maisy-Amaia made a card!

Maisy-Amaia made a card!

Maisy-Amaia also visited!

¡Maisy-Amaia también visito!

(Note: Pay no attention to that Sylvanian lying there.  He means nothing!)

(Nota: ¡No ponen atención al Sylvanian allí.  ¡Él no significa nada!)

Yeah,  Sock Monkey picked up a green lightsaber from some guy!

Yeah, Sock Monkey picked up a green lightsaber from some guy!

Misty is here!

Misty is here!

Later, Misty came to check in.

Luego, Misty vino a ver si todo fue bien.

Mr. Leaf returns!!!!

Mr. Leaf returns!!!!

And Mr. Leaf.

Y el señor Leaf(Hoja).

Mr. Leaf:  My son’s coming home from Finland soon!

El señor Leaf:  ¡Mi hijo viene a casa de Finlandia pronto!



Mivsie: How cool!

Mivsie: ¡Que padre!

Yeah, sure...

Yeah, sure…

And Mr. Droffmeir, one of her professors.

Y el señor Droffmeir, uno de sus profesores.

Professor Droffmeir: Just because your sick, Mivsie, doesn’t mean you don’t have to do your homework!

Profe. Droffmeir:  ¡Solo porque estas enferma, Mivsie, no significa que no tienes tarea!

Good riddance!

Good riddance!

Mivsie: Bye!

Mivsie: ¡Adiós!



Dr. SquiggleEyes: Okay, Mivsie, time to take your medicine!

Dr. SquiggleEyes: Bueno, Mivsie, necesitas tú medicina!


Say ‘ah!’

Diga ‘ah!’





And drink something.

Y bebe algo.



Welp, gotta go!

Bueno, ¡me voy!

To be continued…

Continuado pronto…

For some people it IS Friday, even if not for me, so I’m posting this…

Para algunas personas SÍ es viernes, aunque no para mí, entonces voy a publicar esto…

And it’s my 10th post!

Y es mí decimo “puesto”….¿alguien sabe como se dice “post” en el español?

Mivsie’s Ear! (Part One!)



Mivsie awoke with a sore ear.

Mivsie despertó con una oreja dolorosa.

Hello?  Aunt Misty?

Hello? Aunt Misty?

She decides to call her aunt, Misty.

Decide llamar su tía, Misty.

She waits.

She waits.

Mivsie waited in bed.

Mivsie esperó en la cama.

Oh no! You have a fever!

Oh no! You have a fever!

Misty: Oh, no! You’ve got a fever!

Misty: Ay, no! Tienes fiebre!

Oh, your ear!

Oh, your ear!

And your ear’s all split open and bloody!  I’ll call the doctor!

¡Y tu oreja esta cortado y abierta y sangrando! ¡Llamaré al médico!





Alright, Mivsie.  Dr. SquiggleEyes is on his way.  Meanwhile, I’ll make some tea.

Está bien, Mivsie.  El dr. SquiggleEyes vendrá pronto.  Voy a hacerte té.

Mmmm... tea!

Mmmm… tea!

Can I use the vintage china?

¿Puedo usar la porcelana vendimia?

Mivsie: If you like.

Mivsie: Si quieres.

Dr. SquiggleEyes!

Dr. SquiggleEyes!

Dr. SquiggleEyes: She’s got quite an ear infection.  Probably from a piercing.

Dr. SquiggleEyes: Tiene un gran infección en su oreja.  Talvéz de un perforación.

To be continued…

Continuado pronto…


Mivsie at Home

Mivsie at her desk.

Mivsie at her desk.

Today Mivsie found something.

Hoy Mivsie encontró algo.

Sewing Stuff!

Sewing Stuff!

Her old sewing things!

¡Sus viejas cosas de coser!

Hanky and Hat

Hanky and Hat

Mivsie wants to start on the hat.

Mivsie quiere comensar con el sombrero.

It'll match this dress.

It’ll match this dress.

It’ll match Mivsie’s favorite dress.

Estará a juego de Mivsie’s vestido favorito.



It will have red flowers and green leaves.

Tendrá flores rojos y hojas verdes.

What's this?

What’s this?

Mivsie: What’s this? My schedule! I forgot about my homework!

Mivsie: ¿Qué es esto? ¡Mi Calendario! ¡Olvide sobre mi tarea!



Meh, meh, meh...

Meh, meh, meh…

So Mivsie did her homework.

Entonces, Mivsie hizo su tarea.

Dinner: Defrosted Pancakes and a Tangerine!

Dinner: Defrosted Pancakes and a Tangerine!

And had dinner.

Y comió su cena.

Oh no! The Hat!

Oh no! The Hat!

Whoops! The hat!

¡Ooops! ¡El sombrero!

Mmf, I'll place an order at the sewing shop in the morning.


Mmf, I’ll place an order at the sewing shop tomorrow..

Mmf, llamaré Heidi, la costurera, mañana.

Ugh! I had more photos, but they won’t load.  Mivsie didn’t have time in the morning.  Maybe I’ll edit them in tomorrow!


Mivsie’s Day

I also make sock monkeys!

¡También hago changos con calcetines!

Today, Mivsie had a lovely day.

Hoy, Mivsie tuvó un día precioso.

Mivsie in the Garden!

Mivsie in the Garden!

First, she woke early and took a walk in the garden.

Primero, despertó muy temprano y tomó un camino en el jardín.

I made the gnome in the background!

I made the gnome in the background!

Checking in on her little sprout friends!

Checking in on her little sprout friends!

Then she ate breakfast with a friend still recovering from a trip to the hospital.

Depués comió desayuno con una amiga que todavía esta recuperando de un viaje al hospital.

Breakfast with Cera

Breakfast with Cera


She visited with the orphans.

Visitó con los huerfanos.

Mivsie: Woof! This is cramped!

Mivsie: ¡Uf! ¡Estoy apretado!

Mr. Leaf making repairs on his solar powered car!

Mr. Leaf making repairs on his solar powered car!

She also visited Mr Leaf.  His daughter, Alyeska, was at school.

También visitó el Sr. Hoja.  Su hija, Alyeska, estaba en la escuela.

Mr. Leaf and Mivsie

Mr. Leaf and Mivsie

He had been working on his solar powered car, Helios, but offered Mivsie lunch.

Estaba trabajando en su carro con energía solar, Helios, pero ofreció almuerzo a Mivsie.

Mr. Leaf makes lunch!

Mr. Leaf makes lunch!

The lunch tasted a bit like oil, but Mivsie didn’t say anything.

El almuerzo tuvó sabor a aceite, pero Mivsie no dijó nada.

Thrift Shop!

Thrift Shop!

Later, Mivsie went to Sock Monkey’s Thrift Shop!

Luego, Mivsie fué al Tienda de Segundo Mano de Mono Calcetin

Look at these vintage pots!

Look at these vintage pots!

Mivsie can’t decide what to buy!

¡Mivsie no sabe que comprar!

And still in its original packaging!

And still in its original packaging!

She sees something she wants!!!

¡¡¡Vé algo que quiere!!!

Hee hee, Mivsie loves vintage stuff, especially collectables!

Hee hee, Mivsie loves vintage stuff, especially collectables!

To check-out!

¡Al cajero!

Sock Monkey has some other goodies!

Sock Monkey has some other goodies!

Sock Monkey: Is that all, Miss Mivsie? I have a limited edition retro game of Sorry, a red lightsaber, and an antique cereal box!

Mono Calcetín: Eso es todo, Señorita Mivsie?  ¡También tengo un juego retro de Sorry, un lightsaber rojo, y un antiguo caja de cereál!

Uh-oh! Mivsie will need stitches soon!

Uh-oh! Mivsie will need stitches soon!

Mivsie: No thanks, even though the lightsaber is tempting.  I need to be able to pay for art school, and even three more dollars will off-balance my payments.

Mivsie: Gracias, pero no puedo comprar algo más.  Necesito dinero para escuela de arte, y solo tres doláres tendra efecto en mis ahorraciones.

Maisy-Amaia only has five bucks! Wah!

Maisy-Amaia only has five bucks! Wah!

Mivsie sees Maisy-Amaia eyeing the toys on the way out.

Mivsie vé Maisy-Amaia mirando los juguetes.

Mivsie: Hi Maze!  Are you getting a friend for Charlie?

Mivsie: ¡Hola Maze! ¿Estás comprando un amigo para Charlie?

Maisy-Amaia: I would like too, but I only have $5. Wah!

Maisy-Amaia: Quiero, pero solo tengo $5. ¡Ua!

I know you like Star Wars...

I know you like Star Wars…

Since Maisy-Amaia is a young and devoted Star Wars fan, Mivsie tells her about the lightsaber.

Porque a Maisy-Amaia le gusta Star Wars, Mivsie le cuenta sombre el lightsaber

Really? And just three dollars?

Really? And just three dollars?

Maisy hurries off to buy the lightsaber.

Maisy corre a comprar el lightsaber.

Mivsie enjoyed a quiet dinner and unwrapped her tea set.  She then went to bed, very happy.

Mivsie comió un cena chiquito y desenvolvió su nuevo juego de té.  Luego se dormió, muy felíz.

Did you like it? Please tell me if you wish to see more stories like this!

¿Té gustó? Porfavor digame si quieres ver más cuentos como esté.