Worst Teeth of the Year Award

I have like five baby teeth left, but…

At two years old, I needed my first filling.  At three, I got a whole bunch more.  At nine, my teeth started breaking, and I would feel sand-like stuff in my mouth sometimes.  Bits of teeth.  At ten or eleven, half of a molar fell out.  The dentist had to expose the root to fill it in.  At eleven, I got an abscess, and was sick for a week.

And so on and so on…

At age now, I had a weird toothache.  Apparently, the tooth had dissolved from the inside out.  The dentist pulled it, but the swelling didn’t go away.

I noticed a weird, flaky chunk of grey stuff under a flap in my gum where the tooth used to be.  The dentist decided to take time of her holiday break to check it out.

I had had a partially dry socket, but it was healing.

Then last night I was feeling my teeth last night, and I realized that there was a gaping whole in one of my teeth.  Another filling fell out.

Poor dentist.