The Vision Stones: Preview 1!!!

The Vision Stones is a fantasy novel that I am currently working on and will post here in due course.

Con tristeza, no voy a traducir a Las piedras de visión todavía, entonces el libro no estará aquí en español.

Here is a preview excerpt:

It was very cold, biting, stabbing cold when Elidia led Ristle up a rickety spiral staircase and into a big, long room. Doors led off in all directions.

“Where are my parents?” Ristle asked demandingly when Elidia paused at a small door, also mahogany.

“Inside the vision stones. We’re on a quest to find them and destroy them-” she rubbed the side of her head again, “-all. Sorry that he stopped telling you the story, Rokudo gets distracted in his rooster state.”

“What do you mean, rooster state?”

“Well, he used to not be a rooster. He was trapped, cursed by the vision stones.”

“What are the vision stones?”

“Mirror glass. Round, mirror glass stones that can only be destroyed when all of them are put together. Mostly, they just record all that happens around them for about… forty years, then they shut off, but people can still…” she rubbed her head again, “still access the visions. But that isn’t all they do. If you scream loudly and desperately in their presence, you’ll become trapped in limbo between all of them. If you laugh and say someone’s name, they will become cursed with a curse of your choice. Or-” she paused, “or could destroy them all.” But Ristle knew that that wasn’t what she had meant to say.

“Okay. Good night!”



Thanks, please tell me if you want to hear more,

Changuita 😉

P.S. Be sure to inform your friends if you believe that they will enjoy the book, which will be posted here in serial form!!!