My Blog is Not Professional

My blog is not professional.  In fact, it’s a swirling chaos of confusion that goes on forever.  Try not to get lost.

Today, I could have written about sock monkeys, Sylvanians, my novel, my philosophies, gardening, sandwiches, clues…

But I don’t really feel like it.

It’s raining.  It makes everything feel peaceful, if not in a gloomy way.  I like it.  It’s like turning a graffiti-ed page in a book to reveal a clean, fresh one, still smelling of wood and completely blank.

And you have a new, yellow, not-yet-messed-up, soft, number two, huge eraser-ed, Dixon Ticonderoga pencil in your hand.  Basically, you can try again in a cleaner, fresher world.

Also, rain is a good setting for a story.

What does rain mean to you?

-Changuita is procrastinating some other stuff she should be doing; instead she’s writing weird stuff on a little-known website in the middle of nowhere, Internet.