Sylvanian Blogs and Unofficial Sites:

Plush Pussy Cat– Jennifer’s ADORABLE creations and their  ADORABLE AND FUNNY adventures!!!

Sylvanian Living-A cute toy blog including stories about Paige’s Sylvanians, YOU MUST SEE!!!

Aeternum Somnium-Kyra’s blog!  OH MY GOSH, such great tutorials!!!

Evergreen Village– Aranera’s Sylvanian Site, definitively worth visiting for the stories and pictures!!!

Zoë’s Sylvanians– An awesome Sylvanian Families blog!!!!!

Chat Forum– Come and discuss all things Sylvanian with us!!!

Sylvanian Haven– Courtney’s lovely fansite, be sure to check out the Other Critters page for weird and wacky flocked things!!!


Sugarbush Valley– Eaton’s stories are MUCH MORE THAN YOUR AVERAGE SOAP OPERA!!!

Suvenkorento– Suvi’s blog, chock full of Sylvanians, Forest Families, cute dresses she makes, and stamped  greeting cards!!!

Magic Mayhem– OH SO MAGICAL, IT’S INSANE!!!!

Emily’s Sylvanian Families Blog– Emily’s REALLY AWESOME photo stories and more!!!!

Official Sylvanian Sites:

Slvanian Families Network-Choose a language to continue!!!!

Calico Critters– English for the U.S.

Web Comics I like:

Axe Cop– Written by a five year old (or he was once! 😉 ) and his 29 (once upon a time…) year old brother.  IT IS INTENSELY AWESOME!!!!!!

Bad Machinery– Well, Scary go Round.  By John Allison.  AMAZING humor and magic realism!!!!

I Think in Comics-COMIC BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter:

Pottermore– So good you WILL DIE!!!! (sign up before that, 😉 )

Harry Potter Wiki -Just another wiki………………. not.



Other books, arts and miscellaneous:

Clockwork Artist-Mr. Vested’s blog!  Just started, but YOU WILL SEE AMAZING STUFF FROM THIS GUY; IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!

Youth NaNoWriMo-Write a novel in a month.  FOR KIDS!!!

NaNoWriMo-Write a novel in a month.  FOR ADULTS!!!!

Ask Big Bro Steven– A Steven Universe themed comic blog!  SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koalas to the Max Dot Com– photo credit to Sylvanian Families dot net.

Koalas to the Max Dot Com Original– the original game!


11 comentarios en “Links!

  1. Aranera dijo:

    Hello Changuita!
    I was just reading this section of your website – thank you so much for the lovely summary of my blog, it warmed my heart 😀 Also, I love Bad Machinery! Have you read Scary-Go-Round as well? I think my favourite characters are Lottie, Mr and Mrs Beckwith, and Shelley 😀
    I’m so sad that it has ended, but I loved the most recent case (the French one, I can’t quite recall its name :|).
    A xx

    Me gusta

    • Changuita dijo:


      I’ve also read Scary go Round! I really liked The Case of the Modern Men, too!!!

      I think that Lottie, Shauna, Linton, Shelly, and the Beckwiths will always be my favorites. ❤

      I'm also sad that it's ending, but I'll keep reading Scary go Round and it will be fine! 😀

      Me gusta

      • Aranera dijo:

        It’s my pleasure.
        I love the ‘Atlantis’ story, from Scarygoround – and since Shelley, Tim, Amy and the gang from Bad Machinery seem to be appearing in Bobbins, I’m happy reading it 😉
        I love Shauna, Jack, Sonny and Linton too, of course – I think the Bad Machinery stories are my favourites out of all the comics he has written, simply because I can identify with the characters more ❤
        My cousin gave me a signed copy of 'The Case of the Team Spirit' for Christmas last year – she'd bought it from ThoughtBubble (big comic event in England). I was so happy! XD

        Me gusta

      • Changuita dijo:

        Yes! It’s pretty good, a little adult, 😉 but not any less than than some of the Scary go Round and Bobbins stories!
        I really liked it!!! Lots of blood, though! XD Well, it is a murder mystery! 🙂

        Me gusta

      • Aranera dijo:

        It’s ok, I can deal with that sort of thing I think 😉 Nah, the stories aren’t that scary, just sometimes a bit disturbing (like the Case of the Unwanted Visitor 😦 )
        Murder mystery is one of my favourite genres of books XD

        Me gusta

      • Changuita dijo:

        You could definitively deal with it!!!!!!!!
        I like any sort of mystery as long as it’s good! XD
        The Case of the Unwanted Visitor was pretty eerie and weird! For some reason, I kind of like stuff like that. 😀 Not sure why…

        Me gusta

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