Even So

What is the world, in reality?
Is it only a bi-product of consciousness, of a soul?
Of reality?
Of people?
Life is too much.
Sprout wings, fly away, to another world
Would the world still spin
Without you?
¿Qué es el mudo, en realidad?
¿Solo es un producto del conocimiento, de una alma?
¿De realidad?
¿De la gente?
Crecer alas, volar a otro mundo
¿Todavía dará vueltas el mundo
Sin tí?
And let the forgotten world turn without your help.
Y deja el mundo olvidado a dar vueltas sin tú ayuda.

Why Dark Is Evil

Why, in books, is dark or black the bad guys and white or light the good guys?

The answer seems simple: Humans are diurnal.  Thus, they cannot see at night.  And, seeing as they fear the unknown, they become agitated when they can’t see what’s happening.

Is there a predator in the area?  Is it going to get me?  Can I see it?

That way, fears escalated into a sort of albus/nigrum relationship, which turned into ‘black is evil, white is good.’  According to my theory, the ‘evil’ may have, in fact, been any color, only it was dark, and the human could not see him.  Something jet black may not be as menacing in daylight, but it still persists.

So why black and white?  Because, since darkness is evil, then all things evil are dark?  The real answer is also simple:

Humans are strange.

And I am strange for a human.  Does that make me ‘normal’?  But the ‘norm’ tends to apply to the majority, right?  Not necessarily.    The ‘normal’ ones are the people with more power.  Sometimes.  Sometimes it is the majority, and sometimes it is the people with the most power, and sometimes it is whoever, whichever group of people, claims to be ‘normal’ and oppresses the other group of people.  The ‘minority’.  The ‘weird’.

The ‘wrong.’

You can’t keep everyone happy at once, unless you used some sort of a drug or something to brainwash them.  But there is a difference between being unhappy and being treated poorly.

Do other people think like this?  Do most people have the urge to be constantly figuring stuff out, putting things together, moving from thought to thought at a speed much faster than talking, so fast that you confuse whoever you are talking to with your apparently random and irrelevant thoughts when it all made sense in your head?

Is your train of thought a bullet train?

I asked some of my sock monkeys about it.  Mivsie wasn’t sure, but Dr. SquiggleEyes and Sock Monkey almost agreed:

“Thoughts come and go out of this ol’ noggin so quickly that if you tried to catch them… um… um… wait a second… Oh well, I forgot.  Say, have you ever worn an underwear hat?” was Dr. SquiggleEyes’ response.

“Thoughts.  I have thoughts.  And I think them!  Is that what you mean?” asked Sock Monkey.

Maisy-Amaia said, though, “I am not human.  So I would not know.”

I suppose this only applies to humans, then?  I wonder what monkeys think about…

“How healthy eating nothing but instant ramen and frozen pizza is.” says Mivsie, opening her tiny fridge in her college dorm.

I guess so.



My Blog is Not Professional

My blog is not professional.  In fact, it’s a swirling chaos of confusion that goes on forever.  Try not to get lost.

Today, I could have written about sock monkeys, Sylvanians, my novel, my philosophies, gardening, sandwiches, clues…

But I don’t really feel like it.

It’s raining.  It makes everything feel peaceful, if not in a gloomy way.  I like it.  It’s like turning a graffiti-ed page in a book to reveal a clean, fresh one, still smelling of wood and completely blank.

And you have a new, yellow, not-yet-messed-up, soft, number two, huge eraser-ed, Dixon Ticonderoga pencil in your hand.  Basically, you can try again in a cleaner, fresher world.

Also, rain is a good setting for a story.

What does rain mean to you?

-Changuita is procrastinating some other stuff she should be doing; instead she’s writing weird stuff on a little-known website in the middle of nowhere, Internet.

New Sylvanians!!!!!

I shall start with a quote:

All comedy is derived from fear.

-Garnet, Steven Universe


Now, I feel like Sylvanian Families haven’t been getting enough attention here lately.

I got new figures from Singapore!!!!

The Hamster Family:


Hamster Family

Ow………. I don’t think they like the place I picked for their photoshoot very much!

Misha(Mom), Ickebod(Dad), Mellie(Sister), and Isaan(brother)

Misha is helpful, but gets flustered easily.  Ickebod likes taking long walks and contemplating things.  He’s pretty social.  Mellie may be shy when someone first meets her, but will be very chatty once you know her.  Isaan is very shy, and is usually ‘in his own world’.  He’s very smart, but not very many people know it.



And… two ADORABLE babies:

Baby Rabbit and Baby Sheepie.

I remember when those succulents were babies…. well, rootlings…

Little Rabbit Dude (no name yet…) and Livy!

Livy is Sheepy’s (to be introduced) sister!!!!


Now I need a sheep family…



Why even live if someday all things will be over?

¿Porqué hace sentido vivir si algún día acabaran todas las cosas?

If you say that you do not believe in good and evil, only shades of gray, there has to be black and white somewhere, to form the gray.

Si dices que no crees en lo bueno o lo malo, solo tonos de gris, necesita haber blanco y negro en alguna parte para obtener algo gris.

Everything is cause and effect, just the causes aren’t what you’d think they would be.

Todas las cosas son causa y efecto, pero las causas no son lo que pensarías que iban a ser.

Words aren’t in the dictionary, they are defined by the people.

Palabras no están en el diccionario, son definidos por la gente.

Just some quotes of mine for pondering…

Solo algunas palabras de mi voz en que pensar…