Bear Hollow

Bear Hollow is my Sylvanian Families and similarly scaled miniature town.  It has limited technology and modern resources, unlike its neighbor, Willow Falls.  Bear Hollow was discovered and founded by Mother Bear, the owner of the orphanage, and her boyfriend, Philotemious.  They used to go on picnics in the little valley.  Then Philotemious bacame extremely ill, leaving Bertha (Mother Bear) alone with her newborn baby, Bertha Junior.  Mother Bear vowed to became the mother of all the orphaned settlers and woodland babies.  She now lives in the orphanage with a variety of children in her orphanage.  Since Philo was the original mayor of the little town, Mother Bear is now technically the mayor, though the town is usually peaceful enough that she rarely has to chuck anyone in jail or call on neighboring cities for help.

Locations in town:

->Mother Bear’s Orphanage

->Cat’s House

->Deer’s House

-> House for sale

-> Apartments

-> Cake Shop

-> Sandwich Shop

-> Red Rabbit Photos


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