So many things

There are so many things that I want to say, but as soon as I sit down in front of the computer, my fingers start tapping on the keyboard, and I keep going for about a paragraph or so, and then I stop.  In my head, the words had sounded real.  They had seemed significant.  Now, sitting here in my plaid flannel jacket, I feel forced to drum out meaninglessness on a virtual page.

Maybe I just shouldn’t post today.


PS The Vision Stones word count is at 50,433, and still going!  I surpassed my word goal of 50,000 words by the end of November, but the story is hardly started plot-wise.  😉


Why even live if someday all things will be over?

¿Porqué hace sentido vivir si algún día acabaran todas las cosas?

If you say that you do not believe in good and evil, only shades of gray, there has to be black and white somewhere, to form the gray.

Si dices que no crees en lo bueno o lo malo, solo tonos de gris, necesita haber blanco y negro en alguna parte para obtener algo gris.

Everything is cause and effect, just the causes aren’t what you’d think they would be.

Todas las cosas son causa y efecto, pero las causas no son lo que pensarías que iban a ser.

Words aren’t in the dictionary, they are defined by the people.

Palabras no están en el diccionario, son definidos por la gente.

Just some quotes of mine for pondering…

Solo algunas palabras de mi voz en que pensar…